Raptor 2 with New Motor Option with 2 year warranty till June 2020

Hey guys,

Like the title says, I have my Raptor 2 that unfortunately I hate the fact but I have to sell due to employment opportunities not allowing me the extra time anymore.

This has the New Silver Motors installed, Firmware updated and controller re-calibrated. This also has the new formula 90mm wheels installed ever so slightly used.

I received this board in June part of the 124** batch and has been used for short hops. The silver motors were just put on and have recently been tested and configured (11/2) so are good to go out of the box! This will also transfer my warranty which is for 2 years and is good till June 2020.

*Raptor will come with a brand new nano-x NIB wich is calibrated and 2 perfectly working extras, as well as a spare set of 90mm back, and brand new 97mm fronts.

Asking for $1500 includes PP fees + shipping within the CONUS or 1400 Cash Pickup in the Metro NY / LI area.

Please see pics below and let me know if you have any questions.

IMG_20181104_185219 IMG_20181104_190253 IMG_20181104_190125 IMG_20181104_190317 IMG_20181104_190117 IMG_20181104_190304 IMG_20181104_190331 IMG_20181104_190321 IMG_20181104_190207 IMG_20181104_190148 IMG_20181104_190559 IMG_20181104_190816 IMG_20181104_190457


I know it’s a stretch but do you think you can part it out? :rofl: I want the hubs only.


Why? did you blow the hummies?

I just wanna own a pair of R2.1 hubs for testing. The hummies are pretty indestructible. if they ever break i can repair them.


I secretly want a pair of enertion hubs too. Secretly though. Don’t tell anyone. I don’t like hub motors.


Lol sorry man not parting out, wish you good luck finding them.

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maybe on cyber Monday?


I would be interested too at a nice BF price!

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Welcome Jason, Soo possibly some hardware during CM? Nice!

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I share @dareno secret wish


Updated the thread,

The sale will come with the following:

*Raptor will come with a brand new nano-x NIB which is calibrated and 2 perfectly working extra Nano-x’s, as well as a spare set of 90mm rear, and 2 brand new sets of 97mm fronts.

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Isn’t that a Meepo box though?


… Yes it’s a Raptor 2 box

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Only jesting! I know Jason will read that and flip his table :heart:


Cyber monday, what date is that?? Is that serious?? Sell motor seperate?!?!???!?!#$%($¥£$&@&&! :slight_smile:


damn i dont have a chance to go home before cyber monday :sob:

rip any chance of sexy hubs on my crusier

Prices Adjusted 1500 shipped 1400 local.

Price still the same?

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That price is high for a used raptor 2

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This has been sold for over 3 months.