Raptor 2 wont turn off anymore

Hey Raptor riders… This topic sounds like a joke but it is realy serious. My Raptor want turn off anymore. After a ride ~2km on wet ground, water found a way in the battery case. The display looks like a alien language. So i open the case and disconected the main power plug from the battery immediately. After drying all electronics with presurised air and whaited 36 hours. nothing changes. I even disconected the power switch from the small fuse pcb, but nothing changes. The Raptor keep in operating mode… everything works. But it works allways… I know ppl are mad when the raptor won’t work anymore… but i can’t turn it off. I had other minor issues fixed with no problem… but this??? I have no idea. Had anyone a similar issue of could help?

Maybe your little switch is shorted or something like that?

Probably e-switch/AS switch mosfets blown and now they are always open


Contact enertion they will give you a new ebox for free. You won’t find a fix here.

Disconnect the battery before it drains fully

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I think @Battosaii had multiple issues with the eswitch on that new etray. Bara replaced it for him. Hopefully it was a small batch issue?

I think the system is rated for 60a total. batto is a big guy and he rides hard.

Yep I blew 3 anti Sparks in a row it was quite frustrating but they sent me out a new Etray and I was able to make it though a 10mile ride with out issue so far.

The new antispark switch has a bigger 70amp fuse now too.

Installing new antispark requires a little soldering and you need thermal paste to put between the new switch and small heat sink if you build boards it’s super easy to do.

BTW I would unplug the BMS balance wires just in case it should come off with out any disassembly.

Thanks… hehe but even chargeing works :slight_smile: Maybe yes i contact Enertion.

This was my first thought… and i disconected the I/O switch from the ebox. still on…

Thanky i have a all the soldering stuff needed… The Fuse is still ok. because i run the board on max 1800 W it is enough power for my weight. I never had a issue. The 70 amp fuse was instalsed from the begining at my batch. But did you ever hat issues with water? I do not understand how the water can go inside the case. But this is the secont time. I mean i do not go scuba diveing with the raptor. But for my understanding it should be rain proof. or not?

Ah dude Hope enertion helps you out with this, always wondered how extensive there support would be like on the raptor I guess we’ll see. Also glad that your alright, I’ve heard someones board got full brakes when his switch blew.


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Hmm well never had water in my enclosure but I also never popped the fuse I floated the fets probably what happened to you, I’m pretty sure a blown fuse would result in a board that won’t turn on.

Yeah best thing to do is talk to Enertion. As far as I know almost the whole crew in in China fixing production issues so they main guys may not respond to you. I know @adrianenertion @barajabali and @onloop are all in china.

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Hi There

Please email [email protected] with your order ID, Serial Number and Image/video evidence of the issue. We will try to solve it ASAP!

Urgent: Remove the battery lid and unplug the battery plug (yellow plug).

Also I think you need following items to make your board water resistant A seal, Lid retainer plate


Hy Carl. THX a lot for your reply. I allready opend it and unpluged the battery :wink: I will do a short video with a explanation, you can also see the current specification, to your mail adress.

thanks for your efforts.

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Finaly… I got a update.

Today i got my E-Tray back :smiley: :man_cartwheeling:t2: I reassembled everything and it did not work because i connected the nano reciever CH1 - CH2 the wrong way. Hehe i was so frustrated… After Carl helped me online and figured out i connected the master and slave the wrong way, i felt sooo dumb :smiley: hehe realy. How ever… The beast is back. and the Enertion support was wery professional and helpful.

THX to all.


glad that all of your issues are resolved :slight_smile:

lucky you Lex.

I’m still waiting for the replacement power button for my etray. Glad I have a button I was able to Jerry rig into the it.

My physical button would not toggle. dumb design since the silicone cover makes it hard to toggle, they should’ve gone with a push button instead of the toggle

@Mikenopolis May I have your ticket number?