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This is my first attempt in converting my Raptor Dual in to an all terrain / off-road setup. Due to the poor quality of the roads in my neighborhood I had a few bad falls, and countless close calls with my Enertion Raptor. After a while, I realized that no matter how much attention I pay and no matter how much I improve my riding, there is no way of completely avoiding this (for me) especially when going in speeds above 15mph, (by the way this has nothing to do with the board, Raptor is absolutely fantastic PERIOD). With this being the situation a few weeks ago I decided to mod my Raptor to fit some MBS trucks (which were already sitting idle on my mountainboard). Steps taken:

  1. As many of you already know, mountain board trucks do not have an angle, therefore I had to create some sort of an adaptor to give it a nice 30-40degree. I went to the local hardware store, found some metal sheets, and bent it to take care of this. I have no idea how much this will hold/last but for now feels strong enough. However, it also gave an extra flex, so I am not sure how that will feel in higher speeds.
  2. Second thing I had to do was design a new motor mount to be able to install the motor on to the trucks. Most of the mountainboard trucks have a screw hole for those who want to put some brakes on, so my solution basically takes use of that. Again I have no idea how strong the 3d printed parts are going to be. In theory it sounds like a great idea, but will see how long it will last. As of now I have mounted only 1 motor, with an initial beta version of this motor mount, and a fined tuned version of this is on its way…
  3. Last thing was getting a new set of pulleys and belts to get a higher reduction. First I decided on the pulleys, then I used some online calculator to choose the right belt size.
  4. Put all of it together for one motor, and do a test run!

Today I managed to put this together, it is far from being perfect, needs a lot more testing, fine tuning and trimming, it also needs some adjustments on the Vesc settings BUT since I couldn’t resist the urge I took it for a short spin and I was able to put a few miles on it today!

Hope Onloop doesn’t get mad at me for doing this to his masterpiece.

Below are some pics:


Nice work for a first run through! That’s what I like about this forum, you get to see all the different solutions that people have for a similar problem.

I would try to space your motor further out so the belt sits further in on the wheel pulley though. You can get longer elevator bolts and put a spacer between the enertion CF plate and the truck bracket you made.

Post some vids!


this shits DOPE. I love it! this looks so much cooler than the original! lol

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very cool!!

just be careful if the wheelbase has been extended as the deck has not been tested in that environment.

Why did you have to install the mountain board trucks at an angle?

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Actually looks really good. When Enertion selling the kit version for the Raptor owners. @onloop

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I made some angle mounts for mountainboard trucks. Pm me if you’d like a set.


Thanks for the tips and the feedback! I designed a 2nd version of the mounts hoping to get a more precise alignment this time. Once it is all good, and I will share more pics and videos

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Thanks! You are right I am approaching with caution and taking it easy until I feel confident enough about this setup. But so far deck seems to be still doing very good with this new setup.

@banginghills Got any updates on this project or more pictures of the truck profile and motor mounts you made? How do you like the Vector trucks and how’s the Raptor holding up?