Raptor demo / Adelaide group ride this Saturday. Jan. 6, 2018


Are you going to be there Loopy?

& your link doesn’t work for me dude…

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try this link, linking to facebook always seems more difficult than it needs to be


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Yes obber, ill be there :slight_smile:

Do you live in Adelaide?


SA (KI), not Rads anymore…

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Your moving dude? off to the Goldy… It’s a good bye beers/ride

Yeah, moving to goldie in just over one week… fucking haaaate moving…

you live on kangaroo island? awesome!

beer, yes.

moving sucks!

yeah 4 blocks up the esplanade from the wharf in Kingscote


went there for a visit last year, really nice place.

however, not sure if i could handle living there permanently, the isolation would either fuck with me mentally or make me really happy…

i could see my self-running a microbrewery or something & just be talking about beer with folks all day.

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Excuse my American education, for a second there, I was wondering why the Raptor 2 has a demo ride in JUNE.

I changed the date format just in case

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ronry…I’m so ronry