Raptor on steroides | dual R-SPEC 6374 | For science of course!

Hello esk8 community. This project is just temporary and will be disassembled when my new R-SPEC 6355 has arrived. I just wanted to know how a double diagonal setup with 6374 R-SPECs feels. I have bought the big motors for an future off-road project so I had them laying around. Setting everything up was quite simple and I will not discribe the building process.

Here is the OP setup. Still trying to find better VESC setting to get the max performance, but I think the bottleneck is the space cell. Hill climbing and torque is incredible but I dislike the diagonal setup. Dual rear feels much better in my opinion because it is neutral while steering. For me as a goofy rider right turns are good but left turns very bad. It feels like the front motor tries to drive straight. While carving, left and right turns were completely different. Another disadvantage I have recognized while accelerating hard. The rear motor pushed me left and the front motor had not enough traction and slipped the wheel. Overall it is fun, but I’m looking forward to go dual rear again.



to get more power you can set the motor current higher. I think we may have it set lower than the theoretical max of 80.

Battery current should not be set higher than 25A per vesc.

you could completely bypass the BMS if you wanted to get silly… The pack can supply constant 60 no problems. Some people say the LGHe2 Cell can happily output 30A so you could have max battery current set at 90A… 45A per VESC. 3.8Kw Electric Skateboard!

The life of the battery will be diminished.

Need to go 4wd with 6374s and MTB trucks to fit them

would be awesome if its sensored . is it ? i not sure .

Sensors are for pussys m8

The Motor current already is on 80A. Hmmm bypass the BMS… Sounds epic, but to expensive for me to blow the Space Cell. Maybe if I wanted to leave the Raptor on this setup. But the Dual Diagonal setup is just not good enough for me to leave it in this state. So like I said above I’m looking forward to go back to my DR setup. Much better steering, traction, breaking and fun in the end. Thanks for shipping the new motor.

I bought the big motors for an upcoming E-MTB project like Jenso and OKP from ES. Right know I’m engineering all necessary parts for the drivetrain in Solidworks. I’ll open a thread when I have more to show and share. Really want to make a 4wd board with Jacobs hub motors some day.

@mostwanted no it is not sensored and I don’t think it would make it any better. Will play with the traction control today to reduce the slip on the front wheel. I have done some crazy skit marks on the street while fighting against the board and the torque steering. Hard to keep in line with full throttle.

with proper know~how , you can make it four whell drive with just that two 6374’s

I know what you mean, but I think you need some kind of differential. Someone should finally proof that.

i will be testing it soon. i think it should work without negativly impacting handling.