Raptor parts clearance shop

Incase anyone is interested the Enertion Raptor 2.1 clearance shop is legit. I should be receiving my order tomorrow! I have spoken to DHL to conform, and it is there so it’s the real deal… :sunglasses::+1:

where r they shipping from

whats your name?

What did you order? Can you confirm when you receive it and share some photos?

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They are shipping from Singapore

I received my package this morning. Will take photos when I get home…

This is what I ordered…

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Got the order and everything is legit… although seems like old stock from Raptor 2 not 2.1

The deck is Raptor 2 with shorter handle cut outs…

Handles are Raptor 2.1 (Can you see the issue I have here now) I’ll upload pictures later tonight.

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So you’re selling new $250 unities now, right?

No. What gives you that impression @RyEnd

Where they at?

They were too big to upload so gonna take a few later on today.

Weird, so everything seems to line up w/ 2.0 except the board itself.

Can we get some detailed pics of the Unity? Looks like they just have a mish-mash of parts from a pretty wide production timeline, so I wonder how old they are.

I figured you were a good source of $250 Unities bc they typically sell for $300 new and you’ve got that $200 hookup.

Yeah the board was advertised as a Raptor 2.1 deck and now they are sold out but I have spoken to them over email and they are working towards a solution for me… If you go on the website and check it out you will understand what I’m saying…

You can also buy the unity for $196.50US if you go on the website. I’m just an everyday consumer like yourself that is after Raptor 2.1 parts. I hope I wasn’t misleading in any way that I was going to on-sell the products i have purchased. Have you even looked at the Raptor parts clearance shop?

I started this thread up to inform the community that it was actually a legit online shop that is selling Raptor 2/2.1 parts if anyone needed them like myself :sunglasses:

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Received my battery from Hong Kong…

Hey, anyone else has some info whether this shop is legit/ the unitys they are selling are legit.

From what others figured out on the other forum, it seems like this IS Jason trying to get around liquidation and still make a quick buck,


I mean, when the password recovery phone number for the email on the site is the same as Jason’s phone number, it makes you wonder?


Thank you! Quite a few people has received their stuff based on the Facebook site’s comments. Would you still advise against ordering a unity from them? [In advance, I apologise for the possibly dumb questions, I’m new to the building side of the eskate community]

That’s a shame. They’ve even posted a video of the warehouse/factory narrated by a Chinese retailer.

Whoever it is does it really matter? Finally getting Raptor 2.1 parts in less than 3 weeks and at a cheaper price… I received my 2.1 motors yesterday and they are better than the ones I have on my Raptor 2.1!

Only issue I’ve had with them now is that they sent me a Raptor 2 deck instead of the 2.1 deck as it shows on the website. Now they are trying to get me to pay $70US to send me the 2.1 deck to replace the Raptor 2 deck they sent…

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