Raptor riders club gone!?


So Jason has decided to close the raptor riders club without any heads up?

Why would you do this?

Raptor riders club forum were Jason personal forum and not Enertions according to their support.


Oh he’s quick.

The esk8.club forum is down due to a problem with billing, pretty sure it can be revived, need to discuss further with hosting provider.

Then finally we need to discuss it internally and decide if it’s worthwhile reviving it…


Thanks for clearing that out :ok_hand:

There’s nothing to decide. Put it back please. It is now a community and you’re deleting an entire community by doing that.

It is like if you one day decided to close this .builder forum for your own reasons. The community IS the forum. You said yourself many times that your role as the CEO of enertion won’t play in moderation aspect of those forums.

Here’s a temporary thread @Thelol182 https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/raptor-2-riders-club/70546.


Hm, I’d be surprised if the cost of hosting a forum like that could be of any significance to be even worth debating, even for Godaddy’s well known despicable practices. Unless you were dealing with some dodgy reseller? Even so how much could they possibly be asking, really!

It’s your right of course to treat this as an internal matter but know that this is a strong community and there are people with the know-how and the resources to help, both bring the forum back up if you have access to the data or a recent backup, or provide any sort of advice (technical or legal).

If it’s purely a billing issue and not settling will mean you can’t restore the forum elsewhere, but you are thinking of not settling it regardless, I guess that implies someone is trying to extort an amount of money that you consider unreasonable before they give you access to your data?

In any case, I for one volunteer to advice/guide someone from your team how to set everything up directly to a reputable provider like google, amazon, online.net, hetzner, ovh, etc, in a way that you don’t have to rely on any individual or find yourselves without a recent copy of related data necessary to bring it up back straight away ever again. Same sort of thing that you should have in place for this forum as well.

These two forums is one of the things that make Enertion different, don’t give up on it Jason. To many it will rightfully feel like you’re severing your ties with the community.

PS. It’s not just Godaddy snatching an expired domain and trying to oversell it right? Because… nobody really cares about the domain, just get a new one!

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If I remember correctly this and cub forum is hosted on:


I would like to suggest discuss with hoster and transfer this forum to community with donation driver payments, were people could donate money and hoster would hold the forum, so no one would be main owner here and we wouldn’t have issues like with club forum…

This is way to big community and way to many information is here to be lost one day then @onloop gets tired of it.