Raptor Ruckus Global Esk8 Event 2019

Hey all, Roan here - I’m excited to announce the Raptor Ruckus tour 2019!

Get Ready for a RUCKUS

You are all invited to join in on the fun! Our loyal fans have been asking for it & now we are ready to deliver, It’s time to take Raptor global! Strap your pants & your helmet on and Ride Raptor with us at the inaugural Global Raptor Ruckus Event 2019!

We’ve planned the most epic summer, traveling all the way from AUSTRALIA, to bring you plenty of great community events, retailer launches, in-store promo’s, merch, giveaways, group rides & most importantly R-SPEC adrenaline-pumping DEMO RIDES on the BEAST! - Raptor 2.1 offers unparalleled Performance, Configuration & Sleek Design - Where will you ride Raptor?

Our EU tour is in collaboration with Fatdaddy, our exclusive EU retailer:

PARIS - FRANCE - July 11th-14th @ParisEsk8cup


BERLIN​ - GERMANY ​- July 18th


AARHUS - DENMARK - July 23rd @Fatdaddy


LONDON - UK - July 28th


The North American part of the tour is going to be the biggest and best yet, bringing our new retailers - Filipacchi, Boarderlabs and LastMileSF on-board, we’ll be hosting retailer demo days and organizing with our own team and other well known members of the Esk8 industry. NEW YORK CITY - August 3rd @Filipacchi

WASHINGTON - August 4th


TORONTO - August 11th


VANCOUVER - August 17th @Boarderlabs

SEATTLE - August 18th

SAN FRANCISCO - August 25th @LastMileSF




BRISBANE - September 7th

SYDNEY - September 10th

MELBOURNE - September 14th

GOLD COAST - September 21st

You can find all the event info on our facebook events tab here.

If you’d like to get in touch and help out with one of the events, hit me up and I’m sure we can work something out. - [email protected]

We’re also giving away a Raptor 2.1 to a lucky esk8 enthusiast, find out how to enter in the poster below. Look forward to seeing you there!


Ahhh the classic Canadian Vancouver Toronto tour :rofl:

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Well ya, @Blasto & the LaCroix team is in Montreal and our retailer is Vancouver based :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha nobody ever comes to central Canada :disappointed_relieved:

But I mean there’s only like 4 of us diy guys out here so I think we’ll live lol.

Any idea if borderlabs will ever stock the unity?

Yeah i’d say its a pretty good chance they will stock some of our DIY parts in the near future, Drive kit, unity, remote etc. :slight_smile:

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Well Ill see you guys at the NYC one. Gonna have a few people coming up from Hershey.


Well shit, mabye not depends on if I get my board fixed :disappointed_relieved:

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Do you guys know when your coming to La?

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Still figuring it out but it will be after the 25th of august. Either a Mid-week night ride or the following weekend.

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Lets meet again :slight_smile: (montreal (

Yar! Montreal is very swanky where i was last year. Should we do the Race Track again?

I guess so, i cant think of elsewhere.

We just announced a special event in Aarhus at an athletics track! And I leave for Europe tomorrow. Jason arrives in Paris during It’s Electric :wink: :star_struck:

Denmark… Get ready for a RUCKUS! Call in sick for work and join Fatdaddy and Enertion for a day of #esk8 racing at the Cenes Arena! We will have an entire stadium to ourselves for time trials, races, Raptor 2.1 demonstrations, give-aways and more! Can you outride a professional athlete? Attend fatdaddy.dk/arena for more info.


Are you guys gonna bring your prototype remotes to the rides??

I would love to check it out.

I think maybe only for the USA/Canada dates, @Deodand and @Blasto are still working away on the dev so they need them.

Alright, hopefully I get to check em out

@Roan_Psyko Why no event in WA?? Ignore the largest state in Australia??


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Our first update video on tour from berlin went up this week. I’ll post more vids of the tour this week :sunglasses:

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@Roan_Psyko sent you an email :slight_smile:

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Gotcha! Ill get back to you shortly.