Raptor Toolkit, eSk8 Toolkit, Should Enertion Offer One?

I’m a new owner of a Raptor Dual from Enertion, and there is something I wish I could buy from them… A Raptor tool kit.

I wish Enertion sold various tool kits. I’d really like to buy a Raptor tool kit that came with everything needed to service my new Raptor. I’d like to have a larger case for all the tools and a smaller wrap (maybe made of leather of canvas) for the tools I’d always carry for roadside repair. It’s be great if there were various levels of kits with full blown locking aluminum cases, foam cutouts, logos, and the whole nine on the high-end; and just some of the tools, no frills on the lower end.

I’d like to see the kit come with real tools, like a proper full size Allen Drivers an not an “Ikea like” Allen-Wrenches. They wouldn’t have to be some crazy high end tools made of solid gold or titanium, but not the cheapest garbage either. The premium kit should have EVERYTHING you need to service your raptor like an USB adapter to reach the VESC, belts, extra screws, thread locker, extra stickers, USB drive with BLDC tool pre-loaded and the like; maybe grip tape, a glue gun, a heat gun, and shrink tubes could be included. An “Ultra-Premium” kit could be even be offered with with wheels and bearings. Maybe buying one of these kits provides a discount on the extended warranty, or something like that. too.

I don’t know exactly what it could be, but there’s lots of possibilities, I think. Of course regular eSk8 tool kits could be offered to, versus strictly Raptor kits.

I would have bought one of these if it was offered even though I already have all the tools. I just like the idea of have a kit for my Raptor. Am I alone in this? What you’d like to see in a kit if it was offered? Chime in and let @onloop hear it if you’d like to see him carry a product like this.

Its a monetary problem. I takes time and money to package all of this and test the products and tools out. I would think service and maintenance would fall on the owner unless its like when you buy a 100K/10 year warranty on your car

There is also money to be made, I’d think. Surely they use some of these tools now, so testing time could be minimized. Of course they have experience testing products, so it shouldn’t be unfamiliar. I truly think the need for testing would be minimal and the packaging would be the value add for customers, so a tidy profit should easily be realized.

I’m not saying it should be included, but having the option would be nice. Just like the extended warranty, or a fast charger for a S.P.A.C.E cell. They aren’t needed, or included, but people buy them none the less. Also, I’d imagine a tool in a kit like this would require no more testing than a fast charger. That is to say, testing shouldn’t be prohibitively difficult for Enertion to manage.

What does a kit like this have to do with removing the burden of service an maintenance form the owner? I’ve bought all kinds of tools and accessories from various car manufactures. When I did that they didn’t suddenly become responsible for my service and maintenance.

Are you saying that you wouldn’t want a kit like this and don’t think anyone else would either; or are you saying testing a packaging would likely make a kit like this cost prohibitive? Maybe you’re saying something else entirely. I really don’t understand the point your trying to make.

I think I outlined quite a few things in my I inital post. I selection of bushing would be cool though. I hadn’t thought of that. Strange since that was on of the first things I changed on my Raptor.

Hotline? Is that something you want to see? I think such a thing would have huge overhead even if outsourced. Of course the quality of such a service would be difficult to maintain. My thoughts are money would be better spent elsewhere.

So, is there a tool kit you can Invision being popular and profitable?

This is what I always carry. Complete tools and ready replacement parts. For beginner builder like me, this provide me with plenty of rooms of error incase I’m riding far and walking back is not an option.


Sorry i retracted my post because i realised i was being a sarcastic dick.

Pretty sure a basic skateboard maintenance kit and a few more allen keys is all you need.

The bldc tool is updated very frenquently, having a hard copy on a usb stick will make it obsolete in no time. Then again, if it follows the current firmware of your vesc, you are all good.

“Sarcastic dick” made me laugh, thanks.

I realize BLDC tool is updated often. It was just a thought. Likewise I realize that I don’t need a tool kit at all. I have all the tools already, and don’t go anywhere without a plan (and backup plan) for Internet access. I simply would spend money on a special “Raptor Toolkit.” I bought this once: http://www.brakeboard.com/products/boxset-brakes-trucks and though it was totally unnecessary I thought it was very cool. Having a box like this with Enertion branding for my Raptor, would be sweet, I think. At the same time a less expensive “basic” kit could be good for someone needing a “basic skateboard maintenance kit and a few more allen keys.”

Nice! What have you got in there?

  • Range of quality Hex tools
  • T Skate tools (you have it from your Raptor)
  • Voltage Meter (Since Im using lipo packs)
  • Super Glue
  • Spare Bearings
  • Small Wrench
  • Mop

  • Spare Belt
  • Spare Bolts & Nuts (For the trucks, for the wheels & Mounts)
  • Plastic contain small amount of WD40
  • Shrink Wrap (incase motor connection get scratched)

Soon I’ll be adding a small antiseptic hand wash / wipe. Since I fell some days ago and bleed quite alot, It’s handy to have some small first aid kit too.

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Bandaids with jason pulling a duck face rinding the raptor print on it, there’s a product :wink:


Super Glue. Hadn’t thought of that. It’ll go in my kit, for sure!

We demand our duck lip Band-Aids NOW!!! J/K, please, God no.

Building up my own Raptor tool kit. Found a small 4V Hammerhead electric screw driver as Im a tad tied of removing those lid screws. Small container also fits its charger.

Just wondering, do you happen to know/remember a link to that voltage meter?

I forgot. You can find it on Hobbyking Voltage Alarm 2s - 8s.