Raptor wobble had it about 1 year

My raptor wobbles at higher speed. Checked wheels symetry is okay ,but 1 wheel spins faster than the other. Any suggestions? Would metr pro help with this problem? Not too mechanically inclined.

A Raptor 2?

Yup, I think so.

Isn’t that normal when unweighted? (Spinning at different speeds)

Is the wheel wobbling while riding? Or are you getting speed wobbles in the rear truck?

Yup, when riding at higher speeds in the rear wheels. Tighten rear truck’s also.

So your just getting normal speed wobbles at high speed? That’s just what happens pm skateboards when.

1)rider is inexperienced

2)deck isn’t set up at its best.

Try changing bushings.

My raptor is fairly new stop riding cause of this issue. Probably under 10 miles on this board. So bushings.

Try tightening ur trucks. Maybe to loose. Man u gaining weight after Esk8?

Normal Raptor decks tend to wobble at high speeds. As everyone says, first tighten the bushing or replace it with a hard bushing. Next,This can be improved by inserting a wedge riser in the rear track.

Bushings aren’t universal for all rider weights.

Also, speed wobbles are a thing in skateboarding at high speed. All boards have the potential for speed wobbles. The board isn’t gonna do 100% of the work for you.

Try stiffer bushings in the rear if tighten it doesn’t help. If that doesn’t work think about getting a adjustable baseplate from @mikenyc and increasing the split angles for better stability.

Also make sure you’re distributing your weight correctly at high speed.


Any suggestions on thickness and angle of wedge risers?

An angle of 5 to 7 degrees is good. 10 degrees for better stability. Instead, the larger the angle, the larger the minimum turning radius. Also, since the raptor deck has a high ground clearance, I want to use a wedge riser that is as thin as possible.

You can try tightening the truck and this may work to avoid wobbling to an extent.