Raptor Woes..... again

So I feel like i finally got my Raptor to be reliable, i never had remote problems untill recently when i swapped out my motors but the connection problem was super intermittent. I played around with the Vesc settings and hooked up my hall sensors to my Focbox’s and now it seems to be worse. my board wont respond with the lid on I have been second guessing my self because ive heard of Carbon lids on the raptors not letting signal through but my board used to work fine before.

Ill try setting them up as Sensorless again and unplugging the hall sensors to see if it makes any difference, but here is a video to demonstrate whats going on.

Hey man I don’t think it’s your programming on the vescs. What remote/receiver are you using?

It’s a winning remote

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There’s your problem


Yea the winning remote isn’t the best, gat a $30 mini from @JLabs

Thanks for the shout @willpark16! I can have it shipped tomorrow:


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Dangit @willpark16 you beat me to it! I was just about to tag him…

@Battosaii that should fix your problem :slight_smile:

I’m not a huge fan of finger triggers I like Thumb scroll controls someone else suggested another model that looks like the winning a bit but its reliable


You could get a steez v2 from @psychotiller.

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These ones are pretty good as far as thumb remotes go, I believe they’ve got frequency hopping which is a big plus

You might also check whether the lid is glass fiber or the carbon fiber version (as with the earlier raptor models). If it is carbon fiber, it could be blocking the radio signals between the remote and its reciever.

I have been using this remote for 3 months now and no issues so far. I think it is the best thing Maytech produced to date :wink:

weird i switched the receiver to the other focbox and now my board is working fine… maybe its an issue with the connector, should i try soldering the wires to the pins on the Focbox? Id like to make a second board with all my extra parts eventually. I just need, Trucks, pulleys and a motor mount i have everything else to make a single motor DIY build so I want to use the enertion trucks on the DIY build and buy the 218mm trucks for the Raptor. So for about $200 in parts Ill have a 10s3p single 6355 build and i could add a second motor later should i go for it?

It could be something with the ppm connection? I had a vesc that was otherwise perfect but wouldn’t connect to a remote for some reason. It would even seem to sync the remote and receiver…so weird

I may have found the problem I took a 10 mile ride with out a single hiccup but to be honest I’m not 100% confident.

The connector for the receiver was connected to the left Focbox and it already almost touches the lid the problem is the left Focbox connector is pretty much in the center of the lid the most flexy part and over time the wires got damaged. Now I connected it to the right side Focbox and the connector is up on the side of the enclosed at the edge of the lid, this part should not flex at all. I hope this is the fix but I may end up buying a remote anyway.

I did order the 218mm torque boards trucks for the raptor and some extras I needed to piece together a second board with left over raptor parts lol

I’ve got the same board and had a similar disconnect issues with Winning remote. I upgraded to the new Maytech remote and have had zero issue on disconnect since then. It seriously reaches past 25 feet in distance. Pick one up from Psychotiller for a good price. https://psychotiller.com/product/new-thumb-remotereceiver

Oh and I fell again… not the boards fault I’ve never fallen because of the board. I was doing a slow hard turn to the left and I’m regular so leaning back turning and I didn’t notice a piece of wood on the floor or I did and thought it was a leaf but it made me fall lol.