Re-building Loaded Vanguard with Bamboo/Fibreglass/Carbon

Oy that’s scary!

Looks like the APS mount really can’t handle anything bigger than a 50XX motor…have you talked to APS about it yet?

I have been using a custome made carbon plate for my alien mount seems to be holding up well sofar.

carbon isnt a bad idea - its probably much better suited to withstand vibrations over a longer time. hmm :thinking:

this could be my fallback, just ordering a thick carbon plate and cutting out the part of the mount I need which can be done quite easily I guess. until then bruno from APS is milling me a custom aluminium version, thats thicker and taller to carry the heavyweight sk3 6374!

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Wouldn’t recommend carbon personally seeing as it has poor thermal conductivity. Probably not an issue if it’s mostly flat where you live but I found my motors to run much cooler since replacing my carbon plates with aluminium ones.

Huh, I wonder how applying thermal paste between the motor and mount would turn out!

The majority would probably get squezed out though.

uhhh, what is this?! a most likely indestructible ronin truck mount with idler pulley by @nowind ?!? fuck yea :grinning:

full set with idler, belt and jens patented mount grub screw adapter that also fits ronin trucks! no immediately obvious aluminium bridges where you can expect breaking like on the APS mounts. aluminium has a perfect milled finish and is really thick!! and incase you missed it: RONINS! :sweat_smile:

I like the thick aliminium motor guard a lot - 2 of my motors were killed by an impact that bent the outer motor shell where the magnets are fixated!

back to back comparison with my last APS mount after I killed 2 within 3 months now. @nowind mount is made to last, thats for sure!!


Been waiting for those since @nowind first showed pics of it here. But I prefer my Liquid Fyre trucks over my Ronins…and I wonder if these mounts will fit onto those trucks (with minor mods and/or sugru if needed).

That…and these won’t fit 50XX motors D:!

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think they fit quite generically … all the mount needs is 2 flat surfaces. jens sent me a slightly adapted ronin truck with the mount!

I never thought about ever using less than 63mm, so thats not really a big deal for me. the downside of generic mount screws is the APS X that broke my mount twice now! :wink:

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Luckily, the Liquid trucks are square all around, so plenty of flat surfaces to be found :smiley:! And I measured my Ronins to the Liquids and it’s about the same, so I think they’ll work…might need to do a little sugru filling in or filing down, but it’ll work!

I was aiming for 50XX motors since I’m not all that heavy and (for now) I live in a pretty flat area with barely any hills. And I was going for a more lightweight build, since 63XX motors are about double the weight (on average).

And I’m assuming you’re beta testing these for Jenso. Keep us updated on how they hold up please and thank you :smiley:!

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ouch. hopefully no gravel rash.

is there a thread on these mounts? Can’t find it :confused: how much are they @Nowind

There’s no thread. @nowind has posted pics of them though in the pics only thread. He’s been testing them for a little while now but hasn’t put them on the market yet.

@fottaz also has some pics of Jenso’s build with these on his facebook, because Jenso used his enclosure :smiley:.


Yess :grin:


Yes true what @jebe mentioned… Thanks @fottaz for extrem good and fast delievery

@whitepony will do some testing… he is the right guy after killing 2 mounts in 3 month (-;

Got no clue about the price (-; Dont thought about really… But normaly my parts are not for the budget builds…



Ronins are not really for budget builds. $200 a set in my country. A lot of people will be wondering - how much ! Do you think you would be able to mount 2 for a dual drive ?SK3 6354

cast ronins, not precision ronins! cast ronins are nearly as cheap as caliber/paris while providing a MUCH better ride. set of cast ronins is 90€ in germany!

No @Jebe is actually referring to the cast ronins. Even the cheaper cast ronin variant is very expensive here in Australia. Hard to find and they are usually almost double the price of Caliber II’s :frowning:

yes this is an expensive country - euro to AUD doesn’t help either. Do you think you could do a dual build with those mounts @whitepony ?

Holy f*** $200 for some Ronin’s?!?!

yea, Ill test the mount now with 6374 single for the rest of the year (guess thats the biggest load you can throw at a mount) and for next year Im planning a long eboard roadtrip with a really large battery and dual motor for redundancy! :slight_smile:

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