Real Dirt Trampa Build

While this is in used- it has been trialed without electronics.

Offering a beautiful setup for cheap to Europe:

This includes: Board- Real Dirt Trucks - Trampa Vertigo Bindings - Trampa Wheels- Hypa hubs and 8 in primo Tyre Motor Mounts Pulleys Belts All for 400 euros plus shipping

I can include 2xnew 6374 motors with sensors with axel’s that would need to be cut for an additional

180 euros.

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hello @monkey32

Can you tell me something about the 2 motors, I would be interested in them, only them if you want to sell them sepretted. If so, can you tell me what shipping to Hungary would be?

No motors will be 210 if sold without board. Purchase from one of the group buys a year ago or so. Never used. Long axel’s with sensors

OK maybe I’m still interested, just please tell me what they are rated for (kv, ?s config, shaft diameter, make…)

Where do you ship them from?

190 kv 8mm shaft Made in China 6374 sizes

Madrid, Spain

Thank you for quick respond. I will think on that. But to be honest, I saw sealed maytec motors for 115 shipped. And they seem to be very nice, and about the same price on the end.

Hey there! Is the board still on sale?