Really need some last suggestions!

So I’ve spent months researching and learning and collected all data I need for my very first build. Im A student and has a limited budget but Im planing on using this everyday so I need something reliable and can last. My goal is to copy a Boosted board.
So here we go, but if you have any suggestions or concerns please tell me, I have to climb hills not to step but for long time, so I tried to find a middle spot on gearing but not to sure, also problems with quality of parts so just Tell me Yours or others experienses

The main question, Esc vs Vesc I know all of you think that you should save up and invest in a Vesc because its so much better than esc but like when you experts and veterains started from the very beginig you all used esc ( i think ) and it work right? So is it really worth it? But since people say esc is fine for your first build bla bla but i probably wont build another so is to go all in to A board that can last A few years Vesc is the way to go?

Well this is the parts list… this is A 6s setup but if I go Vesc I Will go to 8s


Esc- Vesc diy Esk8 or X-car Beast 120 esc 57$ Hk

Battery- Zippy 25c 5800 3s x2 hk 26$ each

Bms- 60A from battery support 38$

Charger- 25.2 volt dc laptopstyle from battery support 17$ and cheap waterproof dc Female jack

Motor- probably A sk3 6364 245kv or higher one 70$ ( someone can link a affordable one between 245 to 300 kv that would work )

Controller- mini remote 30$ from esk8 market ( europé site down? )

Antispark- xt90 cheap from hk or eBay 3$

Battery monitor - cheap from eBay Percentage reader 6s capable 12$

This is it for electronics now for mdchanicla

Motor mount- all mounts are super expansive so Im going to make my own out of 10mm aluminium ( It would save my life if someone got drawings I can print for a 63mm sk3)

Longboard- loaded tan tien flex 2 Got cheap 40 $ witch trucks wheels and everything

Wheels- I got wheels as mentioned above but they are 70mm, people recommend using at least 80mm but is the IT really worth the money for just 10mm extra? Like really not that much of a diffrence

Wheelpulley- Got A friend to 3D print really cheap, ( ABS is the got to? ) btw 36t 15wide

Motor pulley- steel 15t 15wide from Ali 3$

Belt- I know What to use 15mm wide htd5 5mm pitch 265mm but I cannt find it witout shopping cost more than belt, please link live in europe.

Box- Either lunch Box and paint it or 3D print.

Extras- xt60 connectors, mesh, wire glue shrink tube etc around 10-15$

This is it and it all just under 300$ and it seems Good actually, as I Said really need advise and please share so I get all diffrent comments on it Thanks for the time!

The Vesc is definitely the way to go. It is so much smoother and so much more efficient. The brakes work so much better. It gives you so much more control of the electrical system. I started with Esc’s and then upgraded to Vesc and I wish I had just started with the Vesc in the first place.

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You’ve done your homework, well done and thank you!

What kind of speed and range are you aiming for?

Then Vesc is What Im going with thanks

This Will give me around 35km/h Im 55kg kid so lightweight

Wheels you need 83mm!

It is a lot difference even if you just push with non-electric longboard 70mm compare to 83mm, with 83 you are like a boss on crappy road, with 83 you travel faster and longer. I was riding with 70mm, and when I started to build electric longboard, I tried those 83mm wheels for two months till my build is not ready. So it felt a lot different- more speed, longer distance between pushes and goes over cracks like a boss. But it’s not the main thing, most important is that for 83mm or 90mm you can get good pulleys, but for 70mm wheels pulley will be smaller, so as motor pulley will be smaller, and that can leed to belt slipping due to smaller amount of teeth in motor pulley!

There are people who made with 70mm wheels, but I think go for 83mm wheels. If you from US then you can get a set of 83mm clones for 25 $, thats just F****ng cheap. For us EU guys its more expensive- I got my clones for 25$ + 30$ shipping or even 35$ for shipping.

Im from EU, I think Im going to try ordering from us cheap and maybe get away with import fees

I got mine here:

you can choose from many colours.

Since youre going with a budget build you might try using a lower power BMS that is cheaper, and bypassing it for discharge. Only drawback is that you arent protected against over charging due to regen braking, but that will only be an issue for people who start their journey on a high hill and charge their batteries to the max.

I would advice the large wheels, roads can be rough and when you’re going 30km/h+ you want your board to not get stuck in potholes etc. The larger the wheels the more confident you are about traveling on rougher roads, itll also be more comfortable as the thane is thicker. Big drawback of large wheels are increased chance of wheelbite and increased weight.

How do I bypass a bms? Any good link?

Stop the orders from Eu skate market, lots of peeps got problems with it. For remote you might check Aliexpress for the mini remote. Also im going to sell the Benchwheel remote (best remote for DIY) but its gonna take 3 weeks before it arrives.

For the esc, take the VESC. I’ve been using other ESC’s also but the vesc outperforms them all.

The Ali pulleys arent made for the sk3, better check for vendors here on forum. I’m also ordering 2 custom motors with pulleys for a good price, maybe you can jump in on it.

If you make your own mount you gotto check if the shaft is long enough to have enough space for the pulley. 10mm is pretty thick and your shaft might not be long enough. (cheap/good mounts:

What motors are you talking about ? Link so I can maybe check ot out

My last motor ended up like this. Due to cheap materials used in manufacturing. Maytech has some good motors but they’re really expensive.

I’m talking with the supplier of these: They’re using a better construction, also the shaft is 10mm which is better. The downside of 10mm is the pulleys so were currently trying to produce quality 15mm pulleys for these shafts. Price won’t be higher than a sk3!

Thanks, Will concider

@Mark can you back this? Why do you think alu pulleys are not good? Does the teeth really get eaten away?