Really thinking about scrapping the hubs

They still work but I’ve been having so much trouble with my dual hub penny nickel. 2 out of 3 Vescs have now broken, one that I never actually got to work brand new. So now I have a total of 1 working VESC, not sure if it’s worth the trouble of getting the other new one replaced for fixed. I think it might be time to try a single motor build with all the pulleys, belts, and stuff. What do yal think? I feel it may be easier to get working and to keep working…


Get different ones those aren’t really that good

I’m not sure 1 vesc 1 motor belt drive is electrically simpler but mechanically more complex than dual hubs x2 vesc. If you feel more mechanically inclined it may be better.

A dual system runs cooler as the load is spread out among the components.

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Dont give up! Blowing up vescs is just part of the deal. Consider it growing pains. As long as you can figure out what you did wrong the last time you are moving in the right direction.

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yep I love throwing my old vesc on the concrete outside… I’m already at 3 destroyed =) actually 4 I’m sorry.

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It does look like you didn’t size your electronics up to your requirements, thus you overload the VESCs. If the hubs are running well it is not a motor problem. Low Kv is easier to manage than high Kv, no ERPM problems.

You simply ask too much amps from your setup no?

Are you running VESC 4.xx?

You could improve the VESC settings by lowering max amps, play with ramp settings to improve "torque feeling " and of course put some cooling on your FETs. If that’s not enough, yes you are right to look for drive setup but you need bigger motors and dual setup. Or try 4wd hubs?

Just get a better VESC… like a FOCBOX or VESC-6


Before we give any advice it’d be nice to see your VESC settings. If VESCs getting blown is the issue then getting new motors probably won’t fix it.

Also what kV/voltage are you using?


Just get one of the cheap ebay dual hub escs. I just got one shipped for $62 and it seems to work great with cheap hubs.


Thats an advertisement for VESC if I ever heard one! I’d love to disagree and say its not true. But It kinda is. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent VESC cooking, but chances are if you are new to it then you are gonna burn some.

I wish I could say I stopped burning them but the deeper I get the more I demand from them.

I have 4 vescs running on 2 boards. Got my first set over 1 year ago and second set 10 months ago. I have never had a single issue with them. And I don’t baby them either. Motor max 80a / Batt max 50-60a. This is because I started with quality vescs from @chaka with heatsinks. They where not cheap upfront but in the long run they where worth the investment.

Hub motors should do fine if your riding mostly flat ground or mild inclines. And as long as the phase wires are not shorting intermittently. You can test that by unplugging the phase wires from the vesc, spread them so the connectors don’t touch then spin the motor by hand while moving the wires around. If it feels like the brakes come on while moving the wires, then you have an intermittent short and that can blow the vesc.

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Interesting tip …I need to try this today on my Carvon Single Hub 2.5. I have experienced something weird …3 or 4 times the motor started to spin on it’s own ! It was never when the deck was on the ground it happened when I lifted the board to vertical position. It happened two weeks ago and it never happened again. I am not sure what it was. Maybe it was Vesc and not the Motor.

A short would not cause that. Could be interference cause wrong signal from the receiver or trim adjustment on the controller. Or you may need to calibrate your controller with Vesc in bldc tool.

75kv hubs I was using 12s setup. Highest speed I hit was 17mph when the first vesc blew. Total of 3.5miles. I only rode on a primarily flat bike path around a park. Was still testing for range/speed. The second broken vesc NEVER actually got a hub to spin. Finally decided to check for faults and got the drv error New setup is 8s, more concerned with distance than speed

I’m still trying to figure out what /who is at fault.

I also had the max at 40. It was too torquey at the default 60

Im leaning towards that motor having an internal short. Did u ever get it vert hot? Mine got hot within minutes even witj my 135lb friend riding it.

Send your vesc to @JohnnyMeduse. He can repair it for you.

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@Sapphirinia I’m down in the Atlantic City area and could swing up to Philly and check out your setup. I hand-soldered my VESC and have the parts for 2 more, so we could try and troubleshoot/fix it.

Before I scrubbed it with alcohol. You can see a lot of flux there.

Let me know