Rear brake lights system

I installed a new style brake lights. It reacts according to the signal of the remote control. You can see that it works in my YouTube video below.


YouTube link


Super cool what did you use to do this?

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It’s 3d printed. And ws2812b led, aduino.


Is it connected to the VESC?

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It receives electricity from the vesc and receives a signal from the receiver.


Could we go a little deeper into this or are you just showing us how cool it is. I want to DIY me some brake lights .


This is exactly what I had in mind to research. Do you mind sharing the arduino code and setup?

I mean I have found some on ebay made for bikes. They are called “smart” automatic brake lights. Maybe they could be retrofitted into a 3d printed cover like he has and all I know is they have to be mounted vertically to work.

I like that ! Specialy seens eboard become more than more quiet (foc, hub etc …) it’s perfect for groupe ride, when you follow your mate just behind her ass !!

Not only are the lights super cool, but I really dig the black and gold color scheme. Reminds me of the old JPS Lotus F1 cars.

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