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Rebuilding a Boosted Board (Dual 4.20 VESC, Dual 5055, 12s2p 25R) - Advice Needed


I’ve been on this forum a while, but I’m starting to seriously plan my new build. I was able to get a broken Boosted V1 Dual for a good price. It came without motors, remote and charger.

The purpose of this build is to keep it looking as close to the original Boosted Board as possible while giving it a drastic performance boost. I am planning to rebuild it with the following components:

  1. Custom 12s2p Build to fit in Boosted Battery Case (the AA’s are only to measure size, I haven’t received cells yet) IMG_2547

  2. Dual Flipsky 4.20 FSESC (pending purchase) IMG_0219 IMG_4668

  3. Dual 5055 Motors (still need, quick shipping preferred) on Boosted mount on Caliber 2s (I think) IMG_2443 IMG_4048 IMG_0580

Also, looking at DickyHo’s 50mm motor collection, should I go with the 180kV or the 270kV? Being able to go fast is always a plus but I don’t know if 270 kV is compatible with 10s or 12s?

I feel like using the Boosted enclosures will add to the overall feel of the board.

Let me know if you have any recommendations, or advice. Thanks!

Are those AA’s? You gotta be joking.

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Haha I’m just using them to measure. I haven’t received the cells yet.

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until it becomes a reality… 34s pack = 51v MAX

^^there would have to be no brakes unless you use rechargable AA’s


You do know aa are much smaller then 18650 batteries

Also 270kv is not compatible with 12s or 10s and you won’t get any torque or power

270kv works fine with 10s, just set your gearing accordingly - I run 13/40 with 97mm wheels and it’s enough for running up medium hills at 15mph

Also don’t free spin your motors.

what do you mean by free spin?

dont full throttle without any load, cause 12s and 270kv will exceed the 60k erpm limit.

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Won’t you exceed it when going full throttle any time


Loaded erpm will be less.

You can check the calculator to see about how much.



Don’t forget the BMS! If you’re going 12S, and buying from DickyHo, I would go with the 180KV motors. You could also consider the racestar 140KV units, for more torque’s.

Also boosted uses a specific belt that has much smaller ribs than most DIY guys, you’ll need to switch to a different wheel pulley or source a matching motor pulley.

ahh i see i’ll probably go with a new pulley kit in that case. do you have any recommendations?

Nah it’s fine boosted just use htd3m belts and pulleys

Just a smaller gap between the teeth

Finding belts which are that size isn’t a problem

so if i wanted to use a 5055 from DickyHo with 8mm shaft with the current Boosted wheel pulley that i have, what motor pulley and belt should i get?

a link to a reliable store would be great!

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You need a HDT3M pulley

Depending where you are based changes which website you should use for belts

No thank sure exactly where you should get the pulley from

Could you please provide inner Length and Width measurements for the battery casing? I’m in a very similar position to you with rebuilding a boosted, but it hasn’t quite arrived at my door yet :slight_smile:

I LOL’d at the AA batteries xD good to know you’re actually not using them

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sure i’ll do it when i get back home. lmk if i forget

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