Rebuilding My Boosted V1 Duel, Need Help/Advice

Hi all, i’ve been sitting on my original V1 for a couple years since it died on me. i’ve decided to salvage what i can off it and build a new board.

from what i can tell, the only thing wrong is the battery. I opened it up to see if i could fix it and all the cells were corroded. The board (BMS, i think…) looks to be in good condition, i did see some corrosion around 1 resistor, but i imagine someone more talented than i could replace it easy.

So I’ve removed the battery, but I’ve still got the 2 thick and 2 thin wires that run through the board. the motors and everything back there are all good.

so to get to the point of my post, i basically want to buy a new battery pack for my v1, and its my understanding that i would also need a new controller, as the original one only works with a certain battery chemistry. so if i get a new battery+controller, can i just hook up my original motors? and would i be able to use my original remote? i still have the original remote+charger and Battery charger.

i’m planning on modifying the battery enclosure so i have more room to fit a new one. also would like to remove the original esc but still use the heat sink and enclosure with the new one.

Sorry if i’ve butchered formatting, or broken rules or something. I would just appreciate any and all advice you all can give

huh? you can source the cells they used extremely easily, no need to change chemistry or form factor unless that’s what you want, also what you said is not right it’s just volts not magic.

if the cells are corroded do you think the BMS works or not?

i know i can source cells, i have some. 1) i would prefer not to build my own pack 2) i want to change chemistry and get better performance 3) the bms has a blown/corroded resistor as i said, but as far i could could see with a mag glass, that one was it. also i know that the boosted v1 electronics only work with the lithium iron phosphate batteries