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After browsing the forum for a while, I think it would be great if we could come together to create a MegaList thread or inventory thread for the various parts that go into this sport. It’ll help newcomers not only find the right parts for what they’re looking for via “Explain Like I’m 5” basic descriptions, but also hopefully reduce the “Can you help me” threads that float around.

I’ll load up some common sense items once I finish up this project. Having a uniform submission, for organization sake, will be helpful for the overarching lit so If you wish to contribute please adhere to this format:

Name of Product: Price: Link: Plug and Play or Further Modification Needed: Purpose/Description: (Optional) Tutorial involving Item:

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This will end up getting abused quickly. Understanding why to use certain parts is also very important and learning why, using the search button, shouldn’t be skipped


I am reminded of the pc builders list in the back of old magazines…they would have three lists, one for low end, one nice middle ground value based, and then a high end list…it would be updated each month as the market changed or new things came out. It’s a wonderful idea here, but it’s also very subjective and what makes the list could make or break companies…so this is a great idea, but for a commercial media company to take on, not a community…let the company wishing to maintain such a list, take on the responsibility of keeping it unbiased and fair…up in here it would just incite a riot…

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unless you are proposing to take all the heat yourself…if so, then by all means, do it…but it’s gonna be a lot of work to maintain and you will always have pissed off people or companies…

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The main problem is that the folks who have the most motivation to keep the list updated are the folks selling the stuff, especially the companies selling the mass-produced cheap knock-off stuff. So basically the feedback loop means the list will constantly get crappy unless someone moderates it … and doesn’t start selling parts themselves. The best advice comes from those with nothing to gain. Just look to reddit and all the spam accounts there, everytime a new Meepo clone comes out, there is a boatload of sponsored spamminess all around. What this would do is give spammers a platform from which to spam us.

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I understand your concern but I dont think that It will be a problem.

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Agreed, that doesn’t mean that searching shouldn’t be easy, especially when someone coming into the hobby is overwhelmed and doesn’t understand the true architecture and undertaking it means to build an ESK8. If one can make the process easier, and I mean in the sense of access as the information why not? Having a parts list isn’t going to end the fact that they have to still know where the part goes and why the part goes there.

Another thing is that this forum isn’t as concise in terms of accessing information as many people make it out to be. If I want to understand how to program two VESC’s without Can bus, I have to scour 3 forums and even then I don’t have a concise understanding of whether or not it’s safer or just as bad as CAN BUS happen to CAN BUS because of conflicting information. (Though that isn’t true now as the general consensuses seems to agree that people can fuck up or do great on either CAN BUS or Split)

Yes research is always is needed but there’s no reason for it to be more difficult than it has to be. If so then we should all pack up our routers and hit the books cause then were all filthy cheaters. But I do understand your point, that’s why I only want brief descriptions of their purpose and links to what they are and any tutorials involving them. Nice, simple, clean and only gives you a mean of access to information.

Perhaps it’d be better to have a “How to build a cheap esk8” topic and a “How to build a great esk8” topic to point folks to all the different resources here already.

With lots of annotated pictures or photos

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That’s what I want! (lol not a riot) but a very engaged discussion that changes the way many builders look at the parts they’re using and question “What advantages does this have over similar products or methods”. We’re far off from innovating the next battery technology, but we can still look at the tools and methods were using and see if it truly is in it’s perfect form. That’s the secondary purpose of this thread (other than making the forum more easy to navigate for super noobs and having an update-able appendix)

Yea I’m up for it. I don’t really care about the feelings of companies. If you have a good product that does what it’s suppose to, then the tf you getting mad for? There will of course have to be a consideration for whether or not a product is faulty or just miss-used alot because of user error rather a than company error, but the objective of this list is the top priority.

Come on B, you know me. I’m too lazy to solder much less sell anything. And I don’t intend to do this alone at all. I’m inexperienced as fuck. So before I put anything on this list (aside form the common sense things that are widely used in the community) It’s getting that full community majority approval (primarily leaders)

I think the measures the forums have are stronger than Reddit. @onloop isn’t going to allow spam bots to ruin his beloved site.

At first I was like: That’s straight up feeding them, but then I thought about it and saw it was a great idea. But Cheap and Great would need parameters than would ultimately create a medium level build for the in between and so and and so on. An appendix is more helpful than people following builds to the core.

guys, why don’t the moderators create a new category: “How to?” and stick it to the top. that way all the tutorials we have, could be posted under that category.

Because tutorials are not the end-all of the information needed, the good info and current best practices are dispersed throughout the forums in many ways…there must be a considerable amount of work done to consolidate it and transpose it for the intended audience, and then it must be maintained. Its no easy task… Don’t look at me, I cost money…but yes this is the field of instructional design…good luck!


having a second thought… you’re right, time is money :wink: this is a forum. the info is not supposed to be easy access. you have to dig in to find what you want.

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Good thing I have all the Time in the world :wink:

It is a good idea to get list of parts, but not a “recommended”-list. While some people think item x is the best and sufficient, some people think that it is absolute garbage. I would think it would be good to have a simple list of parts available(and “obsolete” note of which isn’t). Not price, not if it’s good or bad. Just a name and possibly a link(s) to a possible discussion revolving around the part.

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Can you spare some? I’m about to give up on sleeping, takes too much time and I have too much to do…

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Perhaps the most helpful thing would be a big annotated picture of an esk8, with the various pieces labeled like “battery”, “trucks”, “motor mount”, “wheels” and then inside battery “cells”, “nickel”, “BMS”

That gives folks keywords to search for and a good way to know if they’ve forgotten stuff

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There is already a list of parts with different variatons and choices, but it is buried deep in the ground, it wasnt updated for a really long time…

Then it would be time to update the existing list :slight_smile:

Here it is :slight_smile: It is almost 2 years old, the last update was in summer, but there are plenty of missing stuff, some are not used anymore…

Wow, that list is ancient