Recommend a removable adhesive

Any recommendations for removable adhesives?

I have some LiPos I want to hold down in one of the WowGo metal enclosures, but hot glue isn’t sticking, velcro is too thick, and epoxy is too permanent. Anyone have a good alternative, removable solution?

Ill suggest a polyurethane adhesive, i dont know where you are but here, everbuild stixall, CT1 would be the way to go.

If you can’t use velcro then whatever you use will not be easily removable. A good 3m double sided tape will work or if you can wait for it to cure then a neutral cure silicon. Easier to remove the tape than the silicon but you can get it off again using a thin bladed knife. Do it in small blobs and the removal won’t be too problematic. Are you talking remove to charge or remove when they need replacing?

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Looking for something similar too, I want the pack in my integrated deck to be removeable but Velcro is probs too thick

@pat.speed it always seems like we’re optimizing for similar things and arriving at similar designs hah!

@dareno most of the 3m tapes I have experience with arent much thinner than velcro, do you know of any that aren’t ~2mm, padded, foamy tapes?

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Mate I can go to bunnings and buy a 3m tape that is black and about 1.5mm thick. Sticks like shit to a blanket. Go on the 3m site and try to find it. Not as vibration proof but it does give some protection. @pat.speed your fine mate just go to bunnings. I use it on my rc cars for the electronics and it holds well.


Amazing goop.

found it on hobbyking. Great stuff

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Cheers I’ll drop by binning tomorrow I need some nuts and bolts anyway

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Silicone no?

It needs to be easily removable, it’s for a swAppable pack

How about zip ties?

For integrated deck? Probs not