Recommend me a pulley? 100mm Boas

My 1st build used an OG Raptor drive train. I am upgrading to a set of 100mm Boa’s and want to upgrade from 9mm to 12mm belts. I am using Caliber 2 trucks that I would rather not modify due to lack of tools/skills.

What pulley are you using on your big kegel wheel builds?

Based in Aus. But I assume I will be buying from overseas.

Upgrade to 15mm belts. Quite wider and more commonly used now too.

Depends on your gearing, I’m at 15/36 107 on 12s. Somewhere between 36 - 44t is usually used.

From what I read, while 15mm is good for heaps of torque, I pretty much ride exclusively in a flat city and it might not be needed. But thanks for the info, what pulley do you use?

this is my gearing.

while im not 100% sure of the benefits of 15mm, one intrinsic benefit is that they’re more common and easier to find belts for

Thanks. I was wondering where you bought your pulley?

ah, im using the haggy kit so i have his pulleys for his trucks.

i also have pulleys from @dickyho which are cheap $20 or so per.

Arha. Hopefully I can work out how to do this without replacing my trucks too. Will check out Dickys stuff to see I would need to mod/replace my trucks.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

If your pulleys are bolt on you’re fine. Press fits won’t work on regular axles though.

15mm… I will discontinue 12mm as soon as I can :slight_smile:

We have 36T 40T 44T in 12mm and 15mm for KEGEL.

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Thanks. I wonder if standard trucks can fit 15mm belts though.

Thanks. Would they require me to modify my standard caliber trucks?

No, they are bolt on so you can use standard trucks. You can also use 15mm.

@vjsharpeyes you should seriously consider a set of wheels other than boas being they haven’t been stocked in many months and people are still waiting for orders from like April or something I believe:

@torqueboards sells 110mm kegal core wheels (use same pulleys as boas) and are a goddamn solid wheel IMO

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Thanks for looking out. I actually got a set last year with no issues. Looking at their instagram it looks like they are about to “relaunch” after this quiet period.


Hey yo @dickyho I got some of your pulleys (thanks) what bolts do you recommend to bolt them, instead of press fit?

Hi. recommended use M5 X 55 bolts and M5 nuts .

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