Recommend me some crash pants

Can you recommend some crash pants I could get? I was going downhill and a car came up to a crossing, my speed was around 30km/h so I figured I would brake a little to shed some speed in case it blew past the stop sign. Fortunately the car stopped but the road was full of dirt so the rear wheels locked up immediately and the board slid under my feet. Since I was leaning back at the time, I ended slamming my ass and then my back on the tarmac. I was wearing my motorcycle jacket with a back protector so my upper back is unharmed but my lower back and coccyx are in extreme pain so I am looking into some crash pants to buffer the impact if this happens again.

you could look at mountainbike protective clothing

Ive seen these suggested.

Hillbilly Hip Shorts

Most mountainbike crash pants feature a chamois which I have no need for while skating and usually do not have any protection for the coccyx which is what I want to protect the most.

Yes I have seen @Deckoz recommend these. They are some of the ones I have narrowed it down. Still some of the reviews on Amazon are critical of the back protection.


I use these, high quality, no chamois. Lots of padding around the tail bone. and you don’t look like you’re waring diapers.

or get yourself some padding shorts footballer use^^

I just picked up a set of the Triple-8 bumsaver, and this is the best price I found anywhere. I’ve heard good things about the Hillbilly shorts, but they are about double this price. Either one is better than nothing though.