Recommendations for decks with kicktails?

@rwxr oh, that looks pretty nice, although isn’t that a commercially available board? that logo looks familiar

I run 1" of soft spacers and 97mm wheels

here’s something interesting, anyone know anything about the madrid anvil?

it has a kicktail of sorts but i’m digging the cross pattern on the tail section.

another one i found; El Jeffe, a very inexpensive ($80) neversummer longboard. nice w concave, good tub for lots of turning control, and a nice kicktail on an asymmetrical design. downsides are the wheelbase is slightly short (24") and not adjustable, and the tub is pretty severe, i’m concerned about difficulty in mounting enclosures. Also the flex is a little vague, the official ads say its “rigid and snappy”, which might be flexible enough to need a dual enclosure? i don’t know

@KlethBane I think your new build will look similar to this, right?! :grimacing:

Do you know the wheel max wheelbase of this deck? =)

I got one of these, applied a few layers of spray on polyurethane enamel for waterproofing, and put my own grip tape on. I enjoy it and really like the kick tail. My next build will probably just be a smaller jet Spud type with freebord bindings, but I feel good on this. Also, since using 1/2" angled risers I’ve had no problems with wheel bite.