Recommendations for Hub Motors?

Hey guys,

I am going to change my setup a bit and I want to get a set of hub motors instead of the belt driven setup that I currently have. I weight 170lb and I don’t have many hills to worry about in my area.

I am really inspired by Mellow and Inboard’s hub motor design and I wanted to make my own. What do you guys see as the best hubs on the DIY market right now? I really love the idea behind having no belts and no pulleys etc. Sounds amazing but are there issues with heat and phase wires coming loose and shorting?

I am currently planning on a 12S2P Samsung or LG pack with two Vescs and one of the Open Source BMS units from this forum.

Side Note: Are Mellow and Inboard actually using 12S1P packs to drive dual hubs? Sounds kinda sketchy.

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Hummie’s or Carvon if you have the money

Does Hummie have a website? I’ve seen Carvons from Rik. They are pretty expensive, but I’d buy them if they work great.

yes he does ill see if i have the link is hummie’s site

@willpark16 I was a bit too quick :sunglasses:

haha I tried at least btw im still working on fixing the extruder because i use the one at my school and some moron broke it

thanks guys but I only have a few of the aluminum left and am only excited to sell the biggie motors that arent on the site yet and waiting till they’re in. instead of 80x56 wheels they’re 80x101 rollers.

So you can get Hummies with Steel and Aluminum and just Steel? Is having all steel construction that big of a upgrade?

they’re all steel now. 1144 center and 1018 rotor. piece of mind. the aluminum had an anodized surface as typical, which is a very thin titanium coating, but still steel has such better mechanical properties.

i never experienced a problem of the deforming aluminum but I’m one person…and no one has complained about it yet either but I’m waiting for it.

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@willpark16 is it a makerbot? Our school had a makerbot and I convinced them to get an ultimaker.

@torqueboards single hub motor works well. I had one problem with a loose magnet but epoxy made it a quick fix. Never had any urethane slippage or overheating, it’s been used with 3s and 6s systems. Also by far the best deal you will see for hubs

Talk to @ekitesurfer he’s just got a dual v2.5 carvon and I’m just waiting on a VESC to try out my single

I’m currently converting all my Carvon v2 singles to v2.5 they are built like tanks

Single 2.5 probably great for flat ground, small hills. Dual 2.5 is the only way to go IMO. So nice! I have the perfect San Francisco type street to test these things on, @Michaelinvegas bring your single 2.5 over and we can test out both. Single might get the job done, but what’s an extra bit of money when you get so many benefits from going dual? Single probably makes it up the hill, dual you are killing it (10s, 170#)

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Nobody mentions the underspecced battery? At 12S2P the max “healthy” current draw is way too low for esk8s - especially for dual hubs!

Are you doing this yourself? You mind making a tutorial of how you did it ? I know it’s from delta config to wye. But what is the best way to do this?

I wonder how mellow and inboard are using 12S1P packs. Not sure about Mellow but it seems to be that spec.