Recommendations to lower Raptor?

Anybody have a solid recommendation for risers (height, compound, angle) and the right screws to get with them so I can lower my Raptor?

I don’t like how high the Raptor sits, both in terms of looks and feel.

The problem is the rear truck because the motors could touch the wires if the trucks are too low and loose. Doesn’t seem possible to reroute the wires out of the way because of where they’re routed through the deck.

I heard of using an angled riser on the back to slightly change the angle of the motors to avoid rubbing the wires.

Would love to order new risers and screws but don’t know what to get…

I thought about lowering the raptor as well when I first stood and and rode it. I was looking at the same things you are. Now, after about 8 or 9 charges worth of rides, I have no desire to lower it at all, The extra leverage helps turning corners at speed and keep the wheels gripped to the pavement. I guess I am now getting used to it and am building confidence in the board. I have changed the wheels to abec 83mm 75a flywheels, like many others have recomended. The wheels that came with my raptor were good, the duro seemed soft enough, but what a differenced after swapping to the abecs, way less vibration coming through the board to the feet. It must have something to do with the core of the abecs is my guess, they just absorb so much more vibration. I also swapped the bushing over to venom bushings as well. The bushings helped tame the rapid acceleration speed wobble. I know you got your board around the same time I did, so I would suggest riding it a bit more before going ahead and lowering it. Say get at least 8 good rides in. I’m just under 5’8 and 150lbs with knee pads and a helmet btw. Really likeing this board.

adhesive square and loose zip tie maybe? amazing what you can do w/ a few zip ties… especially for keeping some wires up and out of the way!

Maybe move down to 76mm wheels and try without risers at all? If you can find a pair of legit 76mm 75a - those are super soft and nice!!


Do you have a local skate shop wherr you can go testate fit some risers? I personally avoid risers at all cost - less stable at speed. Also, authentic 75a flywheels are great.

No local skate shop. I don’t mind riding at this height, it’s mostly for aesthetics.

Going down a wheel size won’t be an option. Roads are bad where I am.