Recycled, the Budget board | Random sh*t | Single 4260 belt drive | 6s4p LG HG2

Now, if anyone ever approaches you to build a board for them for under $200, tell them to F*** off.

Unfortunately, i didn’t. Why? Let’s not talk about it…

Anyway, to achieve the low price, i had to use items and components that were used or just spare parts lying around.

Here’s the parts that i decided to use. My friend provided two components which was a deck which i made for him a few years ago, Caliber IIs. I provided some 83mm Abec clones.

For the electrical components, i used these.

6s4p LG HG2, (used) and had quite a few cycles, $70

4260 190kv sensorless motor, $10 (used)

Janux belt drive system, 12/44 gearing. Original price was $120 USD but it was mine and sitting in the drawer so i used that.

Psychotiller ‘The Coupe’ enclosure (used)

Torqueboards VESC (used)

Arcboards remote (basically a mini remote casing mod to a thumbwheel)

Loop key to keep the costs down and for more reliability

20190406_221151 20190511_125918 20190522_205652 20190522_215256 20190522_222146

20190522_233714 20190522_233720 20190522_233733 Mt60 connector is awesome for sensorless motors, so clean!20190522_233741 20190522_233810

Now you might be wondering. Wtf 6s on 190kv? This is gonna be slow.

Yep, my friend wants this board to be a ‘grocery run’ board. The 15km/h speed is good enough for him, and that’s something i can’t control since changing the gearing will affect the torque, especially since on such a small motor.

Specs wise, it is slow, at 15km/h top speed, but torque is really good, since the gearing is 12/44 on 83mm wheels, and on a 190kv motor. Small yes, 4260s are somewhat rare to be used on DIYs, but let me show you this diagram that i swear by.


Although the build was bottlenecked by the budget, this does not discourage poor craftsmanship on my part, i would still do the best job as i can do make sure the board looks as good as it can get, with its components.


Noice piece of [email protected]#t :hugs:

Show pics of grip tape and side pic for height

Looks pretty good for what you’re working with there. Although I’m curious about the cells. What did they end up costing per cell? I know that I have been using some used A123 LiFePo4 cells for my stuff lately until I build up a decent pack for my setup.

Oops, forgot to snap pics of those. Will do it tonight. There’s no grip tape, just a spray on grip similar to lucid grip, but more durable.

If brand new, a cell is around 6~7 USD a piece. It has 20A discharge compared to 30Q which is 15, and capacity is 3000mah, pretty good. But i’d say go with 30Q, its a good balance between performance and price.

Whoh there 6-7 per cell used? That’s nuts. I figure that 3-$5 was good for a new cell. Then again I’m thinking 15A discharge and 2500-3000mah.

cute build :slight_smile:

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