...:::Red Bullet:::... | DIY Integrated Deck | DIY 10s5p 25R | Dual RacerStar 5065 140KV | Dual FocBox | Custom Evolve Trucks | 200mm Wheels | DIY Remote and Receiver | DIY Anti Spark

Hello everyone! This is my first bigger topic right here on this forum. I am very proud and I would like to present You my third custom board with integrated deck.

I called this board a RED BULLET because one of my ESK8 friends, @Ukesu , suggested such a name and I liked it very much :smiley:

Parts list:

  • Deck - Handmade integrated deck with enclosure plate out of plexi
  • Trucks - Custom painted Evolve SuperCarve
  • Hubs - Evolve All Terrain Blue Hubs
  • Pulleys - Evolve 66T Wheel Pulley and 15T RacerStar Motor Pulley
  • Motors - RacerStar BRH5065 140KV motors
  • Tires - ZABI 200x50
  • Battery - DIY 10s5p Samsung 25R
  • BMS - SuPower 10s 60A
  • ESC - Dual Focbox

Additional parts

  • DIY Anti Spark switch
  • Bluetooth module
  • DIY Remote and Receiver


  • Range - real 30km and 35km of lazy carving (19/22 miles)
  • Top Speed - 42km/h (25mph)
  • Weight - around 8kg’s
  • 36mm of thickness
  • 1000mm long deck
  • 980mm long wheelbase
  • 135mm of clearance

…::: BUILD :::…


I am completely obsessed with the appearance of the board, so I decided to create something brand new. I was looking for fresh idea and finally I came across it :smiley: Shape of the deck is is pretty simple but really uncommon what is perfect solution for me :smiley:

I started this little adventure from sticking the printed shape onto the plywood. Next I cut out all shapes using hand router. IMG_20190311_162742


I made a holes for motor phase wires, switch and charging port. I find this a very convenient solution. Next step was add some concave to this board. I glued some additional plywood on the edges of board. When glue was dry I’ve sand them gently to give my deck desired shape.


After that the deck edges were rounded and every detail was carefully finished.



Next step was final sanding, few layers of scarlatt wood stain, sanding, wood stain, sanding, laquer, sanding, laquer etc… Very slow process but it was really worth this time.




After that I cut cover plate from plexi for electronics. I decided to do this because I just like this idea. Nobody from my town or maybe even from the country has anything like that. A very original idea.


Finally the deck was covered by hand cut transparent griptape and it looks like this now.



I choose a battery made on Samsung 25R cells in 10s5p configuration. It gave me 12.5Ah of capacity, but real and safe value is around 11 - 11.5Ah.


Battery was welded using homemade spot welder.


As You can see I decided to make fully flexible battery pack.


BMS connected, wires soldered and everything wrapped in shrink sleeve.



Anti Spark Switch with five mosfets assembled for 10s configuration. Maybe five transistors is too much but… but why not?! :smiley: I connected charging port wires and LCD Voltage Meter directly to Anti Spark PCB. That gave me much simpler wiring inside board. Perfect solution overall 59989055_2333916513532404_7658642951874019328_n


I hate when something has brand on it so… I decided to definitely remove Evolve logo and paint trucks on primer gray base with shiny clear coat. Pretty nice effect in my opinion.


…::: FINAL ASSEMBLY :::… 59533260_2311330335789470_9094321519584083968_n


…::: TEST RIDE :::…




I am going to constantly update this topic because I have a lot of ideas how to improve this build… I mean new battery, new ESC etc. I am still working on Spur Drive system. Lot of work ahead of me :smiley: Also I need to show You my Anti Spark and Remote :smiley:

Thanks for reading.

Poland power! Greetings,



That looks sooo amazing great joob!

reaaaly nice build mann, the plexiglass sheet on the bottom does make it interesting to also look under the deck. You also Diy’ed a realy nice deck (im interested in your next gear drive :slight_smile: )

what plywood did you use?

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I made it out of hardwood plywood. 36mm ot total thickness


Amazing deck and everything

Sick job

Holy sexy. Don’t suppose you’re taking commissions eh?

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Love the diy. Great job. Very interested in your diy electronics.

Been a while since I saw a build that had this level of DIY-ness to it! Really beautiful deck, must have taken ages to make! Interesting overall color scheme as well, was there any particular inspiration, or did you just think of it yourself?

Inspiration for shape of this deck was Egiptian scarabeus I think. But basically my own project. Maybe for my dreams :smiley:


Great build

Awesome, I love the pictures of the parts all laid out.


Nice Build Man :smiley:

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Nice build man! good on ya for cutting your own deck. Much props!

Great pic of the parts all laid out. Hows the temp of the motors after running hard. What are your focbox settings for curent im setting my board up with dual motors but have been running only 1 while i wait for other motor finding its gettting very hot. Im running 14t to 90tooth and still cant handle the top speed. Get the wobbles :slight_smile:

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Really nice and thought out build!

Great build and great build thread. Deck looks amazing and such workmanship. Really nice job.

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Whoops dident catch that as this is the first topic @Buxzzix has created.

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Still 3rd is still bloody amazing. Built 7 now and never tried anything that ambitious

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I agree im on my 5th ish build and i don’t think i could’ve done this on my 3rd.

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