RedEmber Boards Club

I’m on a bassist forum as well as this one, and they have certain clubs for certain brands (Ibanez, fender, etc.). Since I’ve seen quite a few Redember decks out there by now, I figured why not start one here? If you have one, feel free to post: -How many you own -What type -What configuration you used it for/with -Pictures!!!

I’ll start: I own 1 Shuggah deck (the first!) 10s6p config w/soon to be VESC6 and 6” pneumatics!

Current members: treenutter - 1 anorak234 - 2 dmrtac08 - 3 psychotiller - 4 mmaner - 5 EvilTapo - 6 akhlut - 7 Brianr058 - 8 mccloed - 9 i2oadsweepei2 - 10 thisguyhere - 11 moadymoad - 12 wolfgangcole - 13 skunk - 14 gerrycorrado - 15 Sender - § because he’s inferior MoeStooge - 17 murdomeek - 18


I’m the VERY Proud owner of 1 RedEmber Board. I tore my ACL and Meniscus while I was riding back in October, just had surgery a month ago and during recovery I decided to do a complete overhaul so it’s a work in progress…

Bludgeon Deck, (painted in “Driftwood” finish). 2 Turnigy SK3 6364 245kv (upgrading to 6374 190kv) Torqueboards 218mm trucks (I used a couple rattle cans to spice ‘em up a little bit). Torqueboard motor mounts 2 Maytech VESC’s (upgrading to FOCBOX) 8s Lipo current config (upgrading to 10s5p soon) 97mm flywheel clones Psychotiller enclosure




Ive got a new one in the works, Ill post when I have it built. 2 weeks or so…


What makes these boards special to you guys? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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In a word…craftsmanship.

They are perfectly constructed, the drop is enough to ‘lock in’ but there’s enough clearance for a decent size enclosure, the length and width is perfect for a comfortable powered board. There’s nothing bad about these decks…fuggin awesome.


@Deckoz All good! I understand how it could be confusing.

@evoheyax the reason these boards are so amazing is because everything from the experience to the detail to just the rediculously comfortable board makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. There’s just nothing like it. If you managed to convince @treenutter to start making your decks with built-in enclosures I might just buy one…


Here is my just completed board from RedEmber and @psychotiller (with the build). This is a complete beast.



so you’re the lucky ass guy that owns that sexy monster?

congrats dude!


Here’s my Orchasm Race Build.


Locked and Loaded…Damn dude.



I have a bludgeon on order.



I might have an Obeah in the works. @psychotiller?


Ups Tracking 1Z4Y73990398739369


Wow thanks everyone! I’m humbled. I’m so glad that everyone’s deck is meeting their expectation! It is amazing to see all these builds, to see how each person’s style and talent transforms a “deck” into a “build.” When I get positive feedback like this, it adds fuel to my fire, and encourages me to keep going!

Designing and making decks by hand is my passion - and sharing one’s creativity with the outside world can be a risk. We’re all safe in our private “zone” busily following our creative instincts. Whether it’s a bedroom, a shop, or a sketch on a napkin - the joy of creating feels very personal. When you start to send that work into the world, though, you don’t know what will happen. There’s haters, there’s folks that judge you, there are lots of reasons not to share your art.

What gets me to put it out there anyway is the hope that if I focus, designing and building with earnestness, that I can share a good experience with others. My hope is that someone will glance at their deck from across the room, or step on it for a ride everyday, and that they’ll think “Fuck Ya!” every time, stoked to get moving - to enjoy the freedom and excitement we all know. “Stoked” is a concept I’ve never been able to fully explain to folks who don’t ride. But if you know it, then you know what I mean.

That’s what I want to feel - “Fuck Ya!” every time I step on a deck. Nothing about it can be cheap, or rushed, or generic.

When I make a deck for someone, I put a lot of heart into it… like i would if it were my own. So to see all of you enjoying them is immensely motiviating. Thank you for that!

For those unfamiliar, you can follow along on my IG feed


Soon to be the proud owner of a Redember board. Still have to decide which one. It will also be psychotillered. :sunglasses: imma light up Instagram once it’s built.


That Mas deck is really special.

As long as our first shirts say “Re Dember”, I’m in :wink:


So I made my choice and ordered the Mas deck from @treenutter. What sealed the deal for was the new enclosure @psychotiller made specifically for it.

You will need to contact redemberboards on instagram to look at his website.

My dilemma: Drop through or Top mount. I’d like some pics if anyone has them straight from the side with an enclosure with six shooters only. Also clearance measurements from the enclosure to the ground. I find some topmounted decks are way too tall. Thanks for any help