[Reduced Prices] 2 Hub completes, 4WD Booster unit, Evolve Bamboo GT, Diyeboard 10S5P Landy evo, Batteries, ESCs and more [UK] [Trade / Sell]

Not interested in selling to idiots, gtfo

Selling Tesla 3, go look up for spec. No pictures just believe I have it. (Sorry I forgot. Nearly new condition.)


Its the DIYeBoard 10S5P one, some say its crappy but i’ve had okay experience with it so far. I think it uses LG cells. https://imgur.com/a/2upzr1s

Cheers for the photos. It’s not what I’d want. Might be better selling it as a deck only? Good luck with it.

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pretty positive the 10s5p uses samsung 22p cells


Added pictures

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how heavy are you? Mine will have no voltage sag, then on the 7~8th mile will go from 4 bars to 2 bars to 0 bars in the last mile and sag a lot.

Good luck selling your stuff if you can’t keep cool head and do some basic… Calling your potential buyers lowballers from start is… Well!

Came here interested to check what you have for sale (you’re in UK so good location for EU buyers) and what’s for grab ; missed pics and prices, though there is some info, oh well why not ; looked for more insight in the thread ; lost interest after reading the topic.

Sorry. Have a fair sale.

Edit : Thank you for adding pics.


180 probably, winter did bad things to me ;-;

mine sagged consistantly throughout my use, but would still last about 7/8 miles b4 the sag really grabs hold(then maybe 5 miles of faster than walking speed

(this is at almost W̶O̶T̶ ) This is when I would just smash the accelerator and dump amps the entire way :slight_smile: I dont travel slow unless I need to :smiley:

edit how do i get strikethrough text? i had to generate it online and it looks like shit

Probably 2 tildes, strikethrough (~ + ~ + text + ~ + ~) Yea, but the advertised range is 9-13 miles so if were both heavy (Im 200lbs) and we both push the board to the max, 7 sagless miles is pretty good.

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I think everyone knows everyone else here lowballs. I’ve seen it posted a few times that “People here will want 40% or nothing” and from what i’ve been offered on some stuff its probably true.

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True you can’t skip the super low offers unfortunately. But if your prices are well set from the start for quality parts, even if expensive, serious builders here will pay for it IMHO.

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insert metadrive vs carvon argument here

“true hobbyists”/builders who want the performance and the ability to sleep easy at night, will happily shell out dollar :stuck_out_tongue:

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metasurf hasn’t really properly been tested yet. Carvon will die if its like what happened to hub motors a while ago (Everyone stopped paying triple for hummies/maytech, except very very few), As long as metasurf drives are good enough. I personally don’t think a 1000% markup on the material costs for carvons is sustainable, despite they’re okay, it will be mass manufactured soon.

I had a whole response written up but I came off as a fuck so ill just retry one shot:

I don think that Hummie hubs are dead, or even relatable to maytech hubs at all, besides the fact they operate similarly, as well as theyre both called hub motors :stuck_out_tongue:

@ professor_shartsis provided great information as to why theyre seperate products, generated for different uses

I agree about mass manufacturing, but I wouldnt buy then. Wait for someone to innovate and redesign, just like hummie did ^^

edit: include statement about chinese products vs domestic and profit margins never being enough to make it more than a low supply, niche consumer product :man_shrugging:

I’ll be closing this tonight if pictures aren’t posted


They have but on imgur

got it. thanks.


Got enough emojis there bro? :smiley:

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