[Reduced Prices] 2 Hub completes, 4WD Booster unit, Evolve Bamboo GT, Diyeboard 10S5P Landy evo, Batteries, ESCs and more [UK] [Trade / Sell]

I’m selling a few items. As there are so many, I currently don’t have pictures or prices for them all. If you’d like to enquire about a specific item, please post below or PM Me. I am sorry the pictures arent uploaded here, but this is a reddit crosspost

Evolve Bamboo GT 2016 Street - https://imgur.com/a/eyXVn8o

  • 300 Miles or less
  • Under 100 battery cycles
  • New motor controller replaced by evolve recently
  • Light asthetic wear on the trucks. Checked thoroughly for microfractures and couldnt find any
  • 100% Operational with all evolve parts £660 UK Collection (~45% original cost)

Loaded Fat tail w/ Metal ESC & Battery enclosure, 10S2P Sanyo w/ Dual hub motors and chinese ESC (Recent meepo ESC, I use the 2 speed remote because it gives the board higher torque) https://imgur.com/a/iDipBjT

  • Venom bushings
  • Paris front truck
  • Under 300 Miles
  • Under 75 Battery cycles
  • Rear hub motors replaced less than 50 miles ago. Small rock has been embedded in 1 hub, but this usually wont effect the lifetime of the hub (hasnt done for me in the past) Asking £350

Loaded vanguard meepo deckswap - 4.4Ah LG Battery & older meepo ESC - Recent pictures unavalible. Can be seen here - https://i.imgur.com/LRPrO7n.jpg

  • Back hubs replaced very recently, near new
  • Under 500 Miles
  • Under 250 Battery cycles £230

Landyachtz EVO 10S5P Diyeboard airless tire offroad kit. Newest gen ESC (Smooth for a rider at 160lbs) - https://imgur.com/a/2upzr1s

  • Battery sag is only noticable at 25% battery, probably better than my evolve.
  • Rear tires fairly worn, may need replacing within 300 miles but may go on much longer depending on rider weight
  • The battery casing is quite tall, and can scrape against the ground if ridden off a sharp slope or over speedbumps, it was also chipped by a rock and has been sealed with tape for 300+ miles £470

Samsung 30Q 10S2P Battery w/ BMS (Winboard branded) - https://i.imgur.com/HUbzb8G.jpg

  • 25A BMS I think, under 30 cylces. Asking £80

Winboard branded ESC with boosted clone (Exact copy) remote - https://imgur.com/0r5Nuxh Asking 50 GBP

Flywheel clones (85mm) 78A. Never used, not even on test bench. I think i may have pulleys and belts for these too, if anyones interested in them let me know and ill look for everything. https://imgur.com/uAGUnua

2x diyeboard N5055 270kv Brushless motors. Never used, not even on testbench. Asking 50GBP - https://imgur.com/DQjCTJV

Older meepo Dual ESC. the off switch function is BROKEN, however the ESC CAN be used with a inline powerswitch and should function regularly. Asking for 20GBP - https://imgur.com/PZKx7qr

Completely new dual replacable PU hub motors from diyeboard. 6 spare hub sleeves, asking 130 GBP - https://imgur.com/C6nP8Cs


What completes? What batteries? What ESC?

Refresh, I accidentally posted it and have edited everything in

Prices and pics please sir


Please read the thread. I am likely not going to end up selling everything, so please ask about things individually. I am not going to put prices on everything because i’ve been told everyone lowballs them even further on here.

If you want to end up selling anything, you should post pictures. Helps people judge the condition of the product + gets you more interest.

To each their own, I guess.


you are required to put pictures on any sale thread so…


Info on batteries please

Its there dude, 30Q 10S2P and i guess i have an older meepo penny 7S2P and 10S2P too which i didnt know if anyone would want.

I didn’t want to take pictures because it mostly looks new, as described in the thread. Also there would be so many pictures, so if you are interested in anything specific then ask for pictures/details

Yeah I’m going to need pictures bruv. You’re selling on hopes and dreams. I have no idea what connectors, layout, dimensions, condition… I hate to repeat everyone else but pictures will help. Even if its one of each item.


Of which item? You’re surely not going to buy it all

I’m out. Effort


by rules you need to post a pic of every item your selling easier to post them on the thread for everyone to see than to pm them to each possible buyer


Getting a little rough don’t ya think?

PM mods and stop scaring people if mods will do something they will, but that’s just useless hostility.

If you were to buy an item from me, especially if its a complete, surely you would like a picture attached to the listing?

Even if I offered multiple items, you (normally) want to see the item to choose so you dont have to bother the seller asking for information that should have been a given. Now I (you) look silly for wasting your (me) time, and I would want to leave. just like @brenternet :slight_smile:

come on, do it right or dont do it at all :wink:

edit: @'d the wrong person, sorry blitz :slight_smile:

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You didn’t even write down the full name “moderators” and you didn’t even put down a-@

Look man, I don’t think your tying to be mean, and I think that this seller might not understand a few things we do, but thats the thing

Keep digging bruv.

I’m interested in the Evo. Do you have some a pictures of it? What battery is that ? Is it homemade or a brand?

Anyway lol. So yeah. Pictures or I’m out.