Reducing belt/gear whine at high speeds

What’s the best way to minimize belt/gear whine? At high speeds my board sounds like it’s powered by a tiny 2-stroke engine. The belts aren’t super tight either.

One reason is probably the loose belt, one solution for that is an iddler which is a bearing that touches your belt which you can adjust

I’ll look into idlers, thanks for the suggestion. When turning the wheel by hand, should the belt be tight enough so as to feel a very slight cogging? Almost like feeling the individual teeth of the wheel pulley.

I don’t realy know, I am just finishing my first board but yes I think so.

You just need to get it as thight as possible, no cogging is alowed (in the perfect world)

No that sounds way to tight.

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@Bjork3n Is right, If you want your belts not to rip and live longer Don’t Over tighten your belts.

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Gospel :arrow_up:

It should feel smooth when you twist it. If you press on the belt it should give a little without much pressure but not be so loose that barely any pressure moves it.

I think what you are feeling is the attraction between the poles of the motor and the magnets in the bell. This is normal and would be consistent with every brushless motor out there. Different motors have different amounts of attraction, for example, my TB motors have way more “cog” or “attraction” than a turnigy motor. This can vary depending on the size of the magnets inside. I know that my TB motors have rather large magnets in the bell, so it makes sense to me. The turnigy I believe has more of them, but smaller.

It is not bad, but as some others have suggested, it should really not have much resistance. Idlers are good but don’t overtighten your belts.

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Just to follow up: here’s a video of the whining sound.

You should notice a distinct whine as the revs increase during acceleration. I’m pretty sure it’s from the pulley and gear meshing.

Is this normal? And is there an easy way to quieten it down?

That’s the sound of Freedom. Completely normal. Most of that is motor noise on BLDC. With a little bit of belt leftover