Reducing the price of my build

Hey guys,

So far my build is at £668 which is just too much, especially considering I don’t even have the deck yet. I’d really appreciate if someone could look through and help me cut down the price to £500 or below without losing a lot of quality and/or compatibility of parts.

Thanks, Cal

p.s Sorry for so many links :slight_smile:

£120 x2 (with bolt kit)

£10 x4



£100 x2





£1 x2 (M8 x 16) £20 £15 £40 £3 x6 £25 £30 £1 (M5x16) x4


£80 x4 (with 12mm spacer)

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Would help if you could label the links :smiley:

Motors are cheaper - and they are in stock next week

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Do you need the board to be off road capable? Honestly, that price is pretty good for what you have. I personally think 1k USD is the cheapest you can spend on building a quality board. Other wise, your going to waste your money upgrading parts no so long afterwards because they will break.

Unless you know a lot about electrical systems, you will likely blow up a bunch of hobby grade escs (as many of us on these forums have) before you find the right one and right settings for your build.

The only place I could see you cutting cost would be by buying regular longboard stuff instead of offroad longboard stuff (i.e. wheels and trucks).

Invest a bit and it will return the favor. Electric skateboards are not cheap to build or buy completed. You can save money building your own, but it shouldn’t be the reason you build your own, because in many cases, you don’t save money in the long run when you build your own.

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By like £5…

I’m 14 and I don’t have a regular income.

I feel your pain… But this is what it is. I wish I could wave a wand and make cheap, highly quality boards. But it’s not that easy. I would recommend if you don’t need off road capabilities, look around the forums at other distributors. There’s been some new shops popping up lately with very competitive prices. Group buys also might help.

You said reduce the price so i did

I appreciate the input, but £5 isn’t very significant in my case.

It is an offroad board, so it will be expensive.


I’m just copy-pasteing a message i wrote for another user. I’m trying to do the same thing, a good board under 500 euros. I spent 175 on wheels (90mm flywheels clones), pulley+belt kit, motor (sensored 6374) and remote (torqueboards trigger one) from @ajaynagra, best prices in Europe, 25 on a motor mount from a group buy here on the forum, 125 for a custom 7s2p li-ion battery pack with bms, switch and charger, i’m waiting for a 100 dollar vesc from another member of the forum and will probably buy some caliber trucks on eBay for 30 bucks. That keeps me under 500, I can probably buy some custom enclosures and stay under the budget limit. That’s not a “cheap-ass board”, it’s probably one of the best one drive boards one can build, so please don’t discourage this guy. I’m 16, so I don’t have a regular income just like you don’t, I make something like 50 euros a month but that includes everything I need to buy for myself, so I usually don’t have much on reserve. You can definitely do it, you just need time to research and get some good offers!

EDIT: didn’t open all the links, so I didn’t notice the fact that this is a trampa build. If a standard board can cost you 500 £ i doubt a trampa can do so. You should consider doing something like an evolve gt with AT wheels, maybe?

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sorry for the partial thread revival but I think this is the most important thing new builders need to keep in mind. I hopped into this hobby with $200… a little under 6 months later think ive spent around $2.5k. Ive bought every component on my board atleast twice, some more. I’m also 14 without a “normal income” so if I can strech my budget by that much you can too :wink:


Post revival alert!

I built my dual vesc, sk3, 12s lipo mountain board for under £500 ($670). However i used a second hand board £40(complete with trucks and wheels) off ebay and already had a 3d printer to print motor mounts, pulleys and enclosure. Oh and i already had a balance charger.

Only thing I can see is getting the torque board vesc as its 99 and if you jumped on Miami Boards 12 days you could have got a 12s li ion battery pack for 200