Relatively cheap power switch for 48V setup

Hi guys, some weeks ago I made a decision to change motor and voltage used by my skateboard (24V previously and 48V currently). I have new motor, 4x 3S LiPo packs in series, 12S BMS, VESC, Charger for 48V battery. Everything is almost finished, but I wonder how to make a power switch. Previously I used car relay and it worked generally fine. Do you know any cheap solution for 48V setup? I haven’t found any 48V relays with size of car relay. I don’t want to spend to much money for dedicated switch specially for VESC. I suppose that XT90 “loop key” is one of the cheapest for sure, but I would prefer to have button if I may :slight_smile:

BTW. Previously i used car relay (12V on ‘connectors’ propably and 24V coil) for 24V setup. Could it cause restarting skateboard after some minutes of driving? I had a problem like that before and why it was happening. Temperatures on VESC maybe were ok, but this relay was a weak point.

Thank you really for any help :wink: Marcin

I will always recommend xt90s. Simple, easy, cheapo, fail proof, not very aesthetic

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If you still haven’t invested in the bms maybe you can look for I’ve with switch.

Thank you for answer. I have a BMS already (same like that for LiPos: ) :slight_smile:

If there won’t be any choices for me so I will use XT90 Antispark as you said. Power switch looked and worked awesome for now :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not just about voltage,it’s about amperage and wattage, if let’s say you use 100A discharge at 12S you’re looking at 5000+watts you need to put through the switch. I don’t know of any reliable enough switch to do that other than using a loopkey

Get the ones from @goldenHusky they are good, I has those on all my builds

@scepterr, there was 50A (limited using BLDC Tool) on 24V maximally earlier. A car relay I used was ‘high-current ready’ (on the box was 80A) :stuck_out_tongue: Now I want to limit to 30A on 48V.

No doubt it is hard to find cheap solution.

@Eboosted, thank you for recommendation. I will look at this in a moment and think about it :wink:

Oh my bad I thought you were doing dual motors for some reason, yeah for 1, 50A batt

@scepterr Yes, I use just 1 motor :wink: This one previously: , and now I have that one: . Dual motor construction requires 2 escs, so that solution seems to be cheaper and powerful enough :stuck_out_tongue: