Reliable/Affordable Vesc?

Hey all. I am just looking for a reliable Vesc. One that I can setup for the specifications of my build, tweak it a bit after to get it right, and then forget it. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel or get super intricate with programming. I just want a reliable, safe, protective Vesc. Don’t want a cheap piece of crap that is going to cos me more in the long run, but not sure I need the best of the best (whatever that is) either. Any suggestions?

Axle or Ollin boards for sure. Ollin has a direct fet version as well, but it’s a pretty penny

The ollin 4.12 Vesc with heat sink option has been totally rock solid on my dual drive boards. I’m running them simple, bldc current control non sensored. I run them hard though with motor max 80a and battery max 50-60a and lots of hill climbing.

Same here, I run mine in FOC and although I push less motor amps, I rip up all the hills I can without giving an eff.

Ollin and Axle are definitely good options. You can also get a pretty good deal on enertion’s FOCBOX, not sure how the performance and reliability would compare to Ollins direct fet vesc but it’s certainly a good contender.

FOCBOX is also direct fet

True, but that is not the only factor in which performance and reliability are measured. Simply because both esc’s have direct fets does not mean the two are comparably identical in both categories.

Ok, so, Ollin, Axle and Enertion seem to be the top contenders to you guys. Price point wise, I am looking at Ollin $165, Enertion $130 and Axle $110. Obviously Axle wins in price point, but are the other 2 that much better? Is it worth it to go with one of the others, or will the Axle be just fine?

axle has a warranty for a year I believe and is here in the us and you will get a hold of him if you need help. Ollin is helpful and has a warranty as well. enertion i think you have to pay more for insurance and then you’d have to ship it and likely deal with difficulty.

even the old vesc4 rocks so you likely won’t need an updated version. i too ride it without any trouble, or temp shut-downs ever, in foc…one axle and one Ollin

Isn’t Enertions $150? It’s also the only one of those with direct fets which work better for heat dissipation. Ollin has a direct fet version as well but it’s a pricey penny.

I can definitely vouch for Ollin (not direct fet) and Axle vescs. They’re top notch!

From Enertion its $150, but there is a group buy on here by @yummyblobs for $130

Seems like the heat dissipation advantage might be swaying me towards Enertion

From the pictures on his page it seems axles vesc for $110 is without caps and wires.

If you click on the Vesc it says “VESC’s come attached with a Cap PCB. (not pictured)”

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I think Ollin has the best track record for production quality and if I’m not mistaken they come with a 2 year warranty at no extra charge. However, it’s not likely that you would ever need to use their warranty. I haven’t used the Enertion Vesc-X or Focbox ( wish he would have renamed it XESC instead of FOCBOX) but from what I’ve been hearing, its a solid piece of hardware that can run foc dependably and if your on a tight budget, it would probably be your best option. Actually its a smokin deal for a direct FET Vesc with a heat sink enclosure. Especially if you get it through the group buy.

Decisions Decisions!!!

Top quality VESC = @Chaka / Ollin.

But their new direct FET Ollin ESC v1.1 is $220. (gorgeous Al enclosure).

I’d go with Axle or DIYes if on a budget (in that order of preference).

The VESC-X/FOCBOX and Ollin ESC v1.1 - does anyone know if direct FETs fix the 60k ERPM limit to run 10/12s on 200/240kv motors? More reliable running FOC?