"RELIVE" awesome tracking app

Hey I’m trying this tracking app out and it’s actually pretty cool. It basically gives a 3D map of your trip and you could take photos during your stops so you can share them. Figured if we use this app that we could share our videos here and see some cool trip they took and with some photos. If you guys think this is a bad idea mybad, figured it’ll be nice to share this.Here’s my video. This is my route everyday from work to home for the past couple months Monday thru Friday sometimes Saturday :grimacing: Sorry I didn’t take no photos. @squishy654 did some on his trip that I’ll share so you can see what I mean about the photo part
Check out To hot out here on Relive!

This is @squishy654 video


Thank you for posting this…that is sooo cool.

I’m in love with that… So cool.

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I seriously can’t wait to play around with this over the weekend.

It’s things like this that make me excited to develop software!

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