Remodeling Market

Just my opinion but i think the design of the Market today is very hard to find certain items, etc. Wont lie, I loveeee how smooth this page is and its search features, but for the market I’d rather see a craigslist/ebay style market instead. It would make searching for used parts so much easier, and you could make sub-categories for services, or selling etc.

Just my opinion


I don’t think any1 here have power over that. I’ve understood that this is a open source forum model. So if you want such a market you probably could build it and make a pull request to the forum source then ask one of the leaders to add it.

I think this forum is a Discourse forum, which is an open source application, which can be hosted by anyone. My school uses them for class discussion online, lol. I think there would be a really long testing phase, if you were to try to get them to implement your change, if they would consider it at all. This kind of reliability requires a lot of control, testing and structure over the code. I’m sure someone else could give your better and more through info though. Everything I just said was just a quick guess, DO NOT ASSUME ANY OF IT IS TRUE OR VALID.

On another note, I was wondering: who hosts this forum? I would assume that it is hosted by Enertion, or someone related to Enertion, but am not sure.

I was also just going to add that while a Craigslist style might be better, I would require significant change, and I think it makes it more intimate and easier to regulate the way they have it set up now. For a platform that is meant to primarily be used as a forum and is only used to sell a very specific variety of products, I personally think the way it is done right now is better. But again, just my personal opinion.