Remote battery died while on vacation. Now what?

Well I am finally on my summer vacation. I was very excited to ride my board around the lake to where I am now. So I charge up the board, put on my gear, turn on the remote :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, turn on the remote :frowning:, turn on the remote :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Nothing happens. I am sure it was charged but hooked it to a charger anyway. The lights turned on but as soon as I disconnected it they turned off again. Anyway long story short(ish), I opened the remote and found the lipo battery swollen and one of its tabs corroded and broken.


I honestly don’t know how, since the board and remote has never come near water. So I am on vacation, Saturday afternoon, every store that could have something helpful is closed and I have almost no tools. Still there is no way in hell I will not get to ride my board so I took out my Leatherman and went to town.


The remote works :grinning: and with 3500mAh capacity I won’t have to charge the battery till I get home and fix it properly.


We do what we have to do when we want to esk8. Nice job dude. Enjoy your vacation!


Thanks man. I was very frustrated when the remote crapped out but when I got it working and took it out for my first ride around the lake my frustration went away (until something else decides to break down :joy:).


Awsome Job man. I would do the same also.

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How did u manage to solder / connect the new battery?

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I cut the wire off a bedside lamp, stripped the ends, twisted the wires and covered them in hot glue. Tip: I always carry a stick of hot glue and a lighter in my car, you can’t imagine how many times this has come in handy.

For the connection to the battery, I rolled some electrical tape and put that on top of stripped wire ends and then wrapped electrical tape lengthwise around the battery to make sure I got a solid connection. None of these are techniques I would normally use but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.


Now thats what I’m talking about! The true spirit of esk8 right there There is always a way keep up the good work Mcgyver!


That’s interesting. The battery in my remote is doing weird things as well, as I don’t use it very often. And the battery inside is probably very cheap. I’m surprised we don’t see this kind of post more often.

Good McGiver sh*t right there though!

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And here is a picture of how it fits in my hand.


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And my bad luck continues :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: During today’s ride the board shut down. I had some over voltage errors

It seems to be battery or bms related 20180813_145116

So no more eskating till I return and send the board back to Alberto for repair.:disappointed_relieved:

Dude that’s awful. I feel your pain, boardless for 2 months, watched summer squirm away from me

Are you kidding me? Sending back that monster back to Italy ( eskating )? Are you serious?

I will send only the enclosure with the battery and the rear truck with motors. The beast has a 1 year warranty and if I mess with it I risk losing it.

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Ouch… Sorry dude.

Yeah it sucks. This is by far the best place to eskate for me and I can’t do it.



What really sucks is I did not bring my road bike with me since I wanted to eskate so I can’t do that either.

You talked with him about this? Is ok to disassemble the enclosure from the deck to send it over like that in parts?

Yes. Alberto said to ship the battery or even better the whole board back and I asked if I could ship back the enclosure with the rear trucks and motors to which he agreed. This way I may save some money on shipping and he still gets all the parts to check without me having to actually mess with anything.

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Yeah off course, thats what I thought you wanted to do. Save some $$ in shippment.

This is what makes the mini remote so great. There is something great about not having to worry about recharging