Remote connection error VESC goes in break mode


i´m using a VESC for my DIY electric inline skates ( My DIY electric Inline Skates - YouTube ).

It is working great so far but I have one question. If remote connection is not working VESC goes in full break mode and that can be quite dangerous if I´m skating and suddenly one wheel is breaking. Is there a possibility in software to prevent VESC breaking if there is a connection failure between receiver and remote?

Thanks in advance!

Regards Thomas

What remote are you using? This is typically a remote setting and not a VESC setting.

For example, if you are using the Mini Remote than you need to set the failsafe.

When I was having this issue, it really sucked alot and after lots of trial and error it ended up being because I had my bms wired up for charge and discharge and unless you have a very high amp output bms which is kind of large in size, it will likely be over ampped at some point and cut power momentarily and cause the braking issue which you describe. You can hook up your bms for charging only on or off the board. If things is your issue let me know and I can describe how to hook it up if you are having trouble with it.

I´m using this:

I´m not using a bms. I´m charching my battery in balanced mode so I do not need a bms.

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Ask the vendor how to set the remote failsafe. This is what you need.

Either that or you can adjust the VESC if the failsafe is near center, but not perfectly at center. But that may affect trigger centering. Is there an adjustment knob for this on the remote?

I thought this type of situation is what people were addressing when they recommended adjusting max breaking settings in vesc setup…?


No, failsafe is the throttle input used when the remote either died, went out of range, or is suffering from radio interferance.