Remote control suggestions

Hi everyone,

I’m in need of a new remote control for my DIY build. I used to have the Enertion Nano-X but the on/off switch has snapped off. Long story short, I was knocked off my board in a hit and run.

I liked how small the Nano-X remote is and I also like my friends Flipsky v2 remote (I think that’s the name?). I like something that has a small form factor. One downside with the Nano-X is that I don’t think the resistance on the rocker is strong enough. It’s too easy to move which I’m not a fan of.

I basically want the @trampa WAND remote but that isn’t available yet. Maybe @trampa can hook me up? :wink:

Anyway - looking for suggestions. What remotes are you all using? :smiley:

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I have a nanox and a flipsky vx1 new in package if you want

Interested in the flipsky one (that’s the name I forgot - vx1).

Send me a message.

I’m into hearing suggestions from people though



can you update that article with the v1x review? I know you been using one for a while. its the new kid on the block and with lacroix using them in their nazare range, I feel it deserves a section of its own :slight_smile:

Ive only used it for 100 miles or so, I will shortly though. I want o get through a couple of long rides and recharge cycles 1st.

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Wand is a good decision. NRF is the way forward, since the benefits are huge. Difference between PPM and NRF compares like cell phone to smartphone. The Maytech should do the trick to bridge the gap.


I’m probably going to pre-order the WAND at the end of the month. I already have the NRF module so it makes sense. For the time being I’ve bought the Flipsky VX1 remote off of @Halbj613 :slight_smile: