Remote control unit

Hi there I’m looking for a good remote for my quad build… Bought a firefly nano kit.but can’t seem to get it to work…

Mini 2.4 don’t pay more than $30 for it though. Its a great and reliable remote. Its just half the size of regular rc remotes and I wouldnt pay over that for sonething that small. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you got one.

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Thx I’ll have a look…

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And you can pair two receiver to one remote :point_up: Which could be helpful for quad drive :relieved:

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Hi Andy Do I have to have 2receivers for quad build…I didn’t know that I had too?

no you don´t need. you can also use CAN-BUS to connect all 4 esc. I just don´t like the idea to route a wire from one site of the deck to the other. Plus with two remotes you have a back up if one site fails. If can get disconnected during riding it´s not good too. so if you use CAN, than make sure you secure the wires good.