Remote error stopping sent board into traffic (HELP)

I was stopping at an intersection and hit my breaks then suddenly my board went FULL throttle in reverse, and my board shot out into traffic and I had no control. (the curb on the other side of the road saved my board. It shot a foot and a half in the air off of it and was kinda amazing)

When I hit the top or bottom of the throttle it just holds full power in either direction. Then the remote disconnects. I have a full charge on the remote, but it won’t stay on. Is the remote just dead?

Really don’t want this to happen when I am on it again.

use ackmaniac firmware and then use the mode with no reverse and did you setup the fail safe properly?

I like having reverse. But it also does it with forward as well. It was plug and play out of the box. I haven’t had to set up much other than the VESC. It has been operating for several months just fine then it just did this yesterday.

What is ackmaniac firmware?

Does it do it consistently or is it kind of intermittent?

it is now very intermittent. I was thinking of just getting a new controller. But I would like to know the cause just for ease of mind when riding it again.

I had kinda the same problem with my firs board. I didn’t have reverse, but it did it in fwd mode. Basically I discovered that the receiver was making intermittent contact with the servo cable going to the vesc. I smashed the 3pin connector into the vesc and the receiver and secured the two connections with hot glue (lots of it). it may be this, it may be a broken wire in the servo cable or it may be an entirely different problem, but it’s worth trying to check the connection/change the cable.

I had a similar thing with a nano x, replaced it, problem solved.

@Ackmaniac is a user here on the forum. He modded the vesc firmware and BLDC tool to have added functionality. You can check out the thread here Extended BLDC-TOOL with Watt Control Mode, PPM Cruise Control, individual Throttle-Curve and Android App - #3 by Ackmaniac - General Discussion - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board

I have done the same thing. I already have it all hot glued, it looks ugly but it’s locked in good. I have been debating on just soldering the cable on.

I might just get a new controller and hard connecting it in.


A bit of solder didn’t ever kill anyone. BUT try the glued version for a bit and if the problem is still there try to change the servo wire entirely. Then, if this did the trick you can solder it on “permanently”

I’ll get the new one in and work it out and let you know what I find out.

I played with the connections as I hit the throttle and couldn’t get the wiring to duplicate the problem. It just does it sitting on my desk. So. That’s encouraging.

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Man it sounds eerily similar to my nano x that was unpredictable like that. It was remote, jot the reciever in my case

So after some time I asked Dexter at Tourque Boards about the remote and he said it sounded like the battery, so I took it apart and the battery was all swollen. I had some small 3.7v Lipos here and swapped it out and BOOM works like new!


Glad you got it sorted!


I need a replacement battery for a Maytech remote, would mind linking the small 3.7v lipos you have?

This isn’t the exact one, but it should do.

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Thank you sir.