Remote FailSafe / Fail-UnSafe

Hello builders,

I’ve not been a user of this forum for quite a while now, my board was working fine since I built it and @Eboosted has been giving me some pointers and advice regarding the board.

My current setup is a 10S5P (30Q) + FOCBOX Unity + 190KV + 97ABEC wheels.

The issue I had not long ago, which is also the purpose of this post, was the wrong binding of the remote, it caused a failure on the brakes and as a result… I got ejected of my board, luckily, no injuries whatsoever.

The issue I had was…

When remote off, the signal to VESC would be -81% as in the next picture… meaning that… if remote is low on batttery or poor signal, the VESC would engage the brakes as a “failsafe”.

In my case the lost connection with the remote would result in a sudden stop of the motors. Maybe it could also result in a full throttle response. Neither safe.

After some research on this forum, I found, that the issue causing this “wrong signal” was a wrong binding procedure.

I’m sharing this instructions, posted some time ago, to help new or notsonew users fix this issue which could result in a very bad accident.

This was posted by @Brando after people were reporting run-away boards if the remote cut out. More detail instruction on how exactly to do that rebind was posted by @longhairedboy today

make sure the binding is good on those Winnings guys. Jason sent me these instrux because i kept streeting my face on a repair and could not figure out what the deal was. It turned out to be the remote binding and something they call “fail-safe functionality.” Beleive me, without it, it fails very unsafe.

Please test the fail-safe functionality (like moving the transmitter as far away from the board and checking if the motor shuts down if out of reach). If the motors doesn’t shut down or applies brakes, please perform the following steps for binding and calibrating:

Check and make sure all the wires are connected and that the REMOTE is OFF. Insert the bind plug into CH3(Bind) on the RECEIVER.

With the REMOTE OFF: switch on the ESC to power up the RECEIVER, the red LED light will flash.

PRESS and HOLD the bind button on the REMOTE and then turn the REMOTE ON.

You should notice the REMOTE and RECEIVER LED light go from flashing red to solid red.

Once you see a solid red light, the binding process is complete. Then without turning the REMOTE OFF or touching the THROTTLE pull the bind plug out (for the receiver to record the throttle mid point, neutral, to engage the fail safe)

Then you can test it again by turning OFF the REMOTE and the RECEIVER LED should flash. By turning the REMOTE ON the RECEIVER LED should go back to solid red.

Before riding, it’s better to test the fail safe functionality again. Leave the board powered on and switch the REMOTE off: if the motor isn’t moving, the fail safe function is working, if the motor is moving fast or abruptly braking while throttle is applied: you have to repeat step No.1- No.6

Hope this helps.


Definitely had that happen and it’s a pain in the ass. You got it fixed though correct?

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