Remote Nano X disconnect


I have been using the nano x remotes for over one year. Today I had for the first time a disconnect with this remote. I have used the winning remote before and that had much disconnect issues. After switching to the nano x the problem was gone.

Story: I have rented this saterday a kart track in Belgium. Today I and my brother had the chance for testing this track.

You can’t believe what happened. I was only 4 bends further and while descending a slope the remote dissconect and I go at more than 20 km/h on a 90 degree bend. Of course I cannot make this turn and I flew into the side. Video

The strange part is, my brother 20meters before me use also a nano x (batch around jan 2018). My remote is one off the newest batch. At this moment I want to know if somebody have the same problem with this remote. Maybe the remote had some troubles with the much steel in the building…idk :no_mouth:

I currently have some grazes and some pain at my arm. Hopefully this will change again in the coming weeks.

Now that I think about it, this could have turned out much worse, what if this had happened on a straight road at an intersection.

If anyone starts nagging around vendor bashing, he can …


Lucky Nano x malfunction here as well. Physically stuck in full throttle. Can’t trust it now.


I also know that problem, with a little pull / push on the throttle button this problem is solved.

I am at this moment looking for a good reliable remote

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Video URL doesn’t work for me :confused:

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now? 10char

Yes! Thanks :slight_smile: Oof, that fall looked like it hurt :grimacing:


It is :confused: It was on full metal parts like thisimage

Hope that I have tommorow less pain. Or I must go to the hospital to take a x-ray. It is possible that a bone in my arm is broken. :confused:

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Possibly fractured. I’ve heard people say that when you do actually break a bone, it’s so incredibly painful that you KNOW you’ve broken it :grimacing:

Yeah I mean fracture. I hope for the best :sweat_smile: The weather is getting better so it’s more time to get the trampa out

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