Remote/Transmitter and Receiver Compatabilty

Hello fellow riders, so ive been thru the forum and many other Rc forums about the Mini Remote and binding it to a 2.4ghz reciever. Ive tried it all. With different recievers…i just bought another ebay mini remote too…And im curious if maybe the FS-GR3E arent compatible with the mini??? Or if anyone has any other input. So i purchased this and I noticed in a lot of the videos the reciever lights are blue(mine are red) and the plastics designs are a bit different. Remote blinks and goes solid, recievers continues to blink and no pairing happens.

Are you inserting the binding jumper into channel 4 then powering the receiver and then holding the bind button down while turning the transmitter on?

Yep, i tried that along with a couple different variations of that. But yes, i have tried that as well.

You might have gotten a bad receiver. It happens some times.

I bought more recievers… i have 6 now lol, bundle deal and i planned to go the two reciever to the mini route as opposed to canbus or split y ppm. Nothing wrond with having extra parts too. So maybe its a bad remote/transmitter?? I have one in mail, will be here in a few weeks. Wait time sucks:(