Remoteless build

I’m curious about remoteless builds? anyone have any success building one or is this the unicorn?

Mellow drive’s “endless ride” mode takes care of acceleration part, has anyone reproduced the functionality in an open source ESC?

What about remoteless breaking? Has anyone tried adding a tilt sensor to differentiate between foot dragging and going up a hill?

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Theres been a few attempts out there but nothing thats been a slam dunk at least to my knowledge. Here are two examples: Zboard: Spectra:

IMHO… My feet is busy enough steering and staying on the board… I don’t need them to have to worry about tilting or pressing the right spot on the board.

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Got plenty of those. No motors, batteries, or ESC.


These 2 bad boys


This while remotless thing is pretty restricting, your limited to low low speeds 10-14mph because u need to be able to move your leg back and forward from the pads, also that I dout the technology is safe .

Or you could go that way. Find a way to make it safe with a helmet thoug :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I hope someone comes up with this soon in the diy scene. Really like the idea of a small low speed remoteless build.

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Don’t worry guys. I got this one!


But i want diy solution for skates not taobao hoverboards…

Check out @lowGuido’s build from a while back:

follow the link for a youtube vid.


yeah it has been brought up a few times, in this thread even.

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It uses a remote just like everything else does?

no it doesnt. you just stand on it

Well, sorry then, but there are almost 200posts in that topic and also pictures and speaking of nunchucks, so i can‘t read it all just to pick out some „maybe usefull“ information :frowning: Can you hint me wich #post does speak of it?

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the link directly links to a youtube video that clearly shows a “kick assist” board with no remote. there is no need to read the whole thread.

although I do recommend reading the whole thread. you might pick up some useful information

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Stupid me, thank you

Maybe if i really like how you solve the remoteless part, i could read also the rest. But probably not even then :stuck_out_tongue:

i gotta admit that I do waffle on a bit, and that board has had about 100 different versions so the information isn’t terribly easy to find

I also don‘t like the way it works… it‘s just a remote hardwired and glued to the board…

well when you build a better improved version you can post it here so that everyone can learn how to do it.

it is that simple, but with clever software (that I claim no credit for)


The more i think of it, the more i like it for a slow board. Probably just the tape made me not like it;)