Remove stator from motor?

One of my sensor wires has broken off. Is it possible to remove the stator from the motor housing, without destroying the motor, so I can resolder it?




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Usually I’d agree but I must admit for once : there should be a detailed tutorial on how to remove press fit and / or epoxied stator from motor axle.

Barely any tips available on this cause it might sound obvious, but it’s not when you open a motor for the first time. And infos are scattered around other topics.

What you can try from my own digging :

  • use an heat gun to melt the compound, and pliers to take it apart. Chances that you also melt the copper insulation are high. It is agressive and tends to boil and jump so you want to wear extensive protections in order not to be badly burnt.

  • if you can hold the stator with something, you can try to unfit with a hammer but risk of damage is high if it’s a tight press fit.

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