Removing a Lift Board battery

Hello I recently stumbled upon a Lift Board and i was trying to salvage the battery for another build but i was having a hard time actually getting to the battery. I removed all the screws but still it seems the battery is stuck in the tube of the aluminum enclosure of the board. I have pictures attached. Does anyone know how i should go about removing the battery from the enclosure?

I was thinking i could just cut the motor wires and then unscrew the charging\power button and then slide the battery out.

Anyone got any ideas?

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You have to remove the charging port and power button

What about the motor wires? Should i just cut them image

You probably have to


I was able to slide the battery out of the aluminum enclosure. I have the battery as shown in the attached images. There is a main battery wire (xt-60) and on the other side the two red wires are just a fuse.

i was wondering if i can just use a regular lipo/liion 6s charger to charge the battery on the xt60 wires? (With the correct settings of course)

It seems as the bms is already hooked up to the battery so i wouldent need to hook up balance wires. Im not sure what the other two wires coming out of the battery are though (thin black and red wires).

image image

For Charge port?

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Is there a way to check?

Because im wondering if it could be the power switch?

:man_shrugging: Probably but i wouldn’t know.

Didn’t you take it apart?

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When i was able to slide the battery out of the aluminum enclosure, the esc is still stuck in the aluminum enclosure. The xt60 and 2 thin wires was the only thing that came off when i was able to slide the battery out. Everything else is still stuck to the ESC which is still stuck in the enclosure…

I would think the power switch is attached to the esc. So that really should be the wires for charge port.

Does any one else have any idea about this?

Got to agree with @Skunk. Seems like the thin black wire is attached to C- which is usually the charge port connection.


i think there maybe an extra screw in the middle holding the esc, i smashed the hell out one trying to get the esc out, i found that there was one more screw in the middle under the foam, pull up all the foam and see if there’s a sneaky lil screw holding out, there were 3 in a row

What are the cells in this board?

My friend has one right now and I wass know if its worth trying to salvage.

Seems like charge port. Pretty sure “C-“ on he bms is Usually used for charge port. Maybe you can find a schematic of the BMS?

So as I have read the liftboard has a 21.9V 8.8Ah (LG-HD2-18650-3.65V-2000mAh-6S4P). The supposed range of this battery is 16 miles but after i mod this board i plan to use a Vesc and a 6355 260kv (1500W) motor i am going to be drawing alot more power than the original motor (900W) so i would theoretically say this battery is good for about 8-10 miles after modding the setup.

After further investigation i can see that the two thin wires (black and red) attached to the battery are in fact the charging port wires as they are coming out of the C- port on the BMS.

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So I recently had the time to play around with this battery and i came to find out that when i plug it into my 6s ESC the connectors get extremely hot ( i replaced the existing xt-60 with an xt-90).

The original wire gauge on the bms was 16 gauge so i thought it would be a good idea to swap out the existing wiring and change it to 10 gauge wire.

i plugged the battery in and still when i press the throttle for a regular period of time the battery to ESC connectors get extremely hot to touch. is this normal?

Cut the Heat shrink and their connectors just pull them out bullet connectors are in there easy