Removing Bearing From Motor Shaft?

Before we even start, bit of a well weird situation here. I’m working on repainting my motor can (it’s sanded as you can see) and taking the can/shaft off, the shaft got stuck in the bearing since one part of the shaft is thicker than the rest. Should I use a pulley puller or something else? P.S. It’s really stuck. Leave suggestions

heat with a hot air gun

Alright man, I’ll try it

if that doesn’t work - freeze it.

or dremel it

Is the motor body copper?

Don’t freeze it that make the bearing shrink…heat it with s blowtorch or heat gun first

Use this 5-10€ tool


At your own risk.

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what are you trying to do?

this video shows you how to pull a outrunner apart… while motor assemblies vary this gives you the broad concept. the shaft will be press-fit to the bell and have bearings for support.

the shaft should be pressfit to the bell and then be supported by bearings. have you separated the shaft from the bell?

Metal in the microwave… HMMM interesting :joy:

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Brute force get a punch and hammer away works the best make sure you use a nylon punch.

heat the bearing with a lighter and cool the shaft as much as possible. some dry ice might work (or liquid nitrogen if you can get your hands on it.) (actually don’t, that’s bad for your hands.)

I figured it out, thanks for the reply’s. I stuck a wrench under the bearing and pressed really hard agains the body and it took a while but eventually popped off

I was replacing the bearing and opening the Can to clean it out and paint it. I have not opened the Can yet because he bearing got stuck and the Can wouldn’t slide out any farther.

According to the packaging of some food at my grocery store, you can put aluminum (foil) in microwaves made after 1980.