Repaired a boosted board for a guy, first ride, impressions

A local guy on the Australian boosted board facebook page reached out as his v1 dual wouldn’t go. He had sold it to a guy interstate who then complained it didn’t work. After a week :expressionless: I wouldn’t have refunded his money but anyway, this guy did. Easy fix, found motor sensor wires broken for both motors, hot glue had come loose and vibration had shaken them free I guess.

Charged it up 100% and took it out to see what all the fuss is about. Really unimpressed. I weigh 78kg’s and max speed in “fast” mode was 34km/hr. This would have been down a slight hill as well. After 4km the battery light started flashing at me. I had run it flat chat the whole time but 4km ???

I do like the brakes on it, best brakes I’ve found on any board and I like the dead man switch on the remote. The remote itself feels solid, I don’t like the wheel though, Kinda like hard work keeping it all the way down.

Rides like a vanguard, being a 38 inch it’s a bit small for my liking but rides like a vanguard should. Stock bushings need to go, has caliber trucks and still struggles with the turning circle. Even looks like a toy.

Triumph of marketing over substance. Evolve performs wayyyyyyyy better and even my single motor 6374 pulls harder.

Most amazing thing is this guy has a buyer for $1300 ! Am going to give him a ride of my dual vanguard next week and blow his fucking mind! Once his eyeballs come back around I’ll sit him on the trampa ( don’t think it would be responsible to strap him in - I better hold the remote).


Hi Jebe,

I have a friend with a broken dual+ v1 and i suspect an issue with either the sensors or the motor cables as nothing seems to be happening when accelerating or reversing while holding the trigger.

Was it disconnected on the board? and if so can you help me identify the cable is question as i have no experience with eboards so any additional help you might think of would be valuable.


P.S sorry for replying to some old thread!

no worries! the cable was the black core in the multi colored sensor cable. leds were flashing red on the pcb.

it is a bit hard to see right now with all the glue on top of the cables but here is the led pattern im getting. let me know if this rings a bell.

Did you end up figuring out? my motors stopped working for no reason and I have the same pattern light. Thank you!!

check the hall sensor connections where they are hotglued and soldered onto the PCB

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Thank you for your response Jebe! so I should remove the hotglue and solder the cables instead? Again Thanks!

Here is a video of my issue: Thanks!

yes - check all of the smaller multi cored coloured cables - they are the sensor cables

Hey Jebe, my name is Philip and I am having the very same problem with my 1st gen boosted board. I have the same light pattern that was shown above. when you soldered the sensor wires back to the esc, did you take off the entire esc or just do it with it still screwed on to the board. Any help in this matter would be extremely helpful.

I did not remove the esc.

Thank you so much for responding, you are seriouy the only pwrson that replied to any questions I had regarding these wires that can loose. Have a great night and again thanks brother.