Repairing a motor

Is there any way to replace this specific part?

Motor’s running fine, but I must have run over a rock or something, the plate where the screws go in totally exploded.

If you have milling tools and skillz:) or good massive 3d printed maybe.

nah. just keep it, buy a new motor, and then when the new one breaks you can use spares off this one to fix it.


Like so :grin::muscle::muscle::muscle:

I will advise you to get it checked by some electrician before replacing it so that you can get assurity that your motor is completely fine. You can contact Electricians Kennett Square PA to get your query solved. They can help you in repairing your motor easily and may be you can get the solution to get the screw place repaired too. If this doesn’t work, then you can surely replace your motor.